Indians Celebrated These Pro-India Posters In Islamabad But The Truth Is Actually Pretty Funny

By Rameeza Ahmad | 7 Aug, 2019

Pro-India posters in Islamabad at a time like this? There’s more to it than meets the eye

Tensions between India and Pakistan are quite high following India’s revocation of Article 370 for Kashmir. With India exercising force and illegally occupying Kashmiri territory things are looking to take a downward turn.


Pakistanis are incredibly upset over India’s abrogation of Article 370 and are expressing their resentment for the government of India.


Social media is filled with people changing their display pictures to red to raise awareness about the situation in Kashsmir on an international level.


Yesterday, what appeared to be pro-India posters appeared on the streets of Islamabad

With the outpouring of support from Pakistanis towards the people of Kashmir across the board, the appearance of posters supporting India’s decision appearing the country’s capital is honestly a little shocking. People noticed the posters and were very concerned.

The posters featured a tweet from Asian News International official Twitter account, which had a statement from Sanjay Raut quoted about how India had taken Kashmir and Balochistan was next.


The poster also featured the title ‘Maha-Bharaat A Step Forward’. Which is a narrative the BJP in India is peddling.


Indians had a field day about the posters being found in Pakistan’s capital.


But someone pointed out that these might have been posters to make Pakistanis aware of India’s ulterior motives since the logo on the posters read ‘Akhand Bharat Real Terror’.

Hence it might be someone who wants people to realize what India is trying to do; take over Pakistan as well.

Authorities are allegedly looking for the people or person behind these posters since at this moment it is still not known who they were.

What do you think was the reason for these posters? Let us know in the comments below.


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