Indians Are Mad At Priyanka Chopra For Disrespecting Their Culture

By Arslan Athar | 18 Jun, 2019

Priyanka Chopra has made a mark in the American entertainment space. Although she may not be signing on any new projects, the actor has attracted loads of attention to herself and has become a massive hit among American publications and channels. She does multiple interviews and makes loads of videos that reside on the internet.

Among these videos, Priyanka Chopra made a video detailing her 5 life lessons. 

I wouldn’t recommend watching the video unless you want to watch something particularly cringy.


Her first rule is to always be bigger…than your skirt.

The shot reveals that Priyanka is wearing a lehnga..which is supposedly the skirt in this situation.

Source: @InStyle / Twitter


Her second rule is to have nothing to hide.

She thirsts traps (or at least tries) her watchers by showing her backless sari that has been tied very very low.

Source: @InStyle / Twitter


Her third rule is…’Sari Not Sorry’.

Oh my GOD, WHY.

Source: @InStyle / Twitter


4th Rule: ‘Make Some Noise’. 

How does she make noise? With her ghungroos tied around her ankle. Let’s be honest, the dance that followed was A W K W A R D.

Source: @InStyle / Twitter


Her last lesson is to patch up the differences you have with others. 

Source: @InStyle / Twitter


Throughout her five life lessons, she used references from South Asian culture, but her use was rather unsettling. It seemed like she was using her culture to pander to her American audience. It borders on disrespect and people are calling her out on that.


Contrary to Priyanka’s belief, she was called ‘unfunny’. 


People were NOT happy, at all.


Well, at least she was the ‘most’ at something, if not funny, annoying hi sahi. 


People were pointing out how the whole video seemed super forced.


I too was D O N E at that point.


The best reaction had to be this one. 


People were adding on their own tips to the list. 

Honestly, they were better than the original.


I don’t think anyone else would ever do something like this. 


So, really, the main takeaway here is that people are angry at Priyanka Chopra, as usual. 



Priyanka Chopra had recently talked about being ‘brown’ in America. She also talked about how the community needs to not be referred to as ‘exotic’ or ‘brown’. While that sentiment is good, her decision to do such videos casts a question on her intentions.

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 Cover Photo Courtesy: @InStyle / Twitter

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