Indian Police Just Arrested A Pakistani Balloon & Everyone's Trolling Them HARD 🎈 🎈 🎈

By Bareera | 10 Mar, 2021

Indian Police vs Pakistani balloon is a tale as long as time

Having launched a missile at a supposedly ‘spy’ balloon in the past, Indian police have now taken an aircraft-shaped balloon with PIA written on it into their custody in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.


What does Indian Police have against Pakistani balloons, you ask? So does everyone

According to a report of Indian news agency, ANI, the aircraft-shaped balloon with PIA written on it was found in Sotra Chak village of Hrinagar sector on the evening of 9th March. The locals spotted the balloon and informed the police who seized the balloon and are further “investigating” the matter.


Naturally, Pakistanis and people all over Twitter began trolling this incident


It’s not just this one Indian Police incident against a Pakistani balloon, some people were obviously reminded of India’s past balloon and bird arrests 


What’s funny is even Indians couldn’t hold back in trolling their own police


Everything aside, the consistency of Indian security forces is commendable. There have been not one but many objects and bird-oriented arrests from India’s side in the past few years. Like the time in 2015, when a mere pigeon caused panic in India. And then two years later, Indians thought Pakistan sent a hawk to India for spy shenanigans. And how can we forget when India launched a FIFTY MILLION DOLLAR missile at a balloon in 2019? Honestly, they could not get more dramatic or rather bizarre.

What do you think is next on the Pakistani inanimate objects getting arrested in India? Tell us in the comments below.


Cover image: @ANI / Twitter

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