Can We Just Talk About The Pakistani Balloon That The Indian Air Force Literally Shot Down With A Missile Yesterday?

By Biya Haq | 11 Mar, 2019

It even said Happy Birthday.

After a Pakistani balloon (literally just a balloon) flew into India yesterday, the Indian Air Force launched one thousand fighter jet rounds at it

Source: Indian Airforce NIC

And missed. Lol.

According to an article, the balloon was flying over Rajasthan at 25,000 feet when it was picked up by Indian air force raiders who were on the lookout for Republic Day celebrations.

Indian Forces stated that they saw a shiny object in the air and their first instinct was to shoot at it. A fighter jet was brought in to shoot at the ‘object’ and one thousand rounds later, the jet was unable to destroy it.

Once that plan didn’t work out, the Aird Force decided to launch a FIFTY MILLION DOLLAR missile at it.

Honestly, could you be more dramatic?

Source: @Kelseaballerini Via Giphy

In a statement, the Indian Air Force said, “Due to a heightened security alert,’ the balloon was shot down as it would have been carrying an unknown payload. However, on analysis of the debris, it was established that there was nothing dangerous found in it.”



The IAF also stated that the balloon could have been a way for Pakistani forces to check in on the response time of Indian Forces. Honestly, I know this may sound bad but there is no way that could work and probably not something our Forces would think of. But like, should we use that tactic now? Not a bad idea…

Obviously, since this balloon incident was absolutely ridiculous to start out with, people all over Twitter began to troll India for their ‘quick thinking.’

^ A little extreme but ok.


But to play Devil’s advocate, the Indian Air Force was doing their job. They carried out a strong motive and with a few misses, they launched a missile. And though this may not have been THE thing to do in a situation such as this, they acted fast and they acted in accordance with what the current state of affairs demanded.

The shoe could have easily been on the other foot and a balloon could have been crossing into our airspace and knowing us, there was probably a chance that we would do the same. The state of both of our countries with regards to the current recent escalation has given cause for our Forces and people to be a little on edge. Let’s just hope whoever’s birthday it was had another balloon to spare.

Did you hear the news? Have any thoughts on it? Did you lose a balloon? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Cover photo source: Sputnick News/ YouTube

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