Ramsha Khan Posted About Her Character In ‘Kaisa Hai Naseeban' And Women Are Sharing Their Heartbreaking Stories

By Arslan Athar | 11 Mar, 2019

Ramsha Khan is gaining fame for her role as Mariam in ‘Kaisa Hai Naseeban’, a drama that tells that story of a woman in an abusive marriage. Mariam is a unique character in recent times, in that she’s helping to raise awareness about women stuck in such marriages.

Ramsha Khan attended the Aurat March this past Friday and wrote about how her character, Mariam, taught her a lot.

She took her experience on the sets of the show as her main motivation to marching at the Aurat March.

Source: @ramshakhanofficial / Instagram


“Embracing Mariam has really made me understand the plight of the women who have suffered and survived or continue to remain silent and live this life!!”, she said in her Instagram post.

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She goes on to say, “There are real Mariam’s out there, around us, maybe within our own friends or family and they need our help … and together we need to help them and build awareness about violence against women to make sure Pakistan’s future is better from today!”


Her fans applauded her for her efforts. 

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Source: @ramshakhanofficial / Instagram


While some praised her performance in the show. 

This comment is actually pretty cute.

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A lot of women were sharing their experiences with marital abuse. 

These comments are from women who are out of abusive relationships. They commend Ramsha for her role and credit her with giving them the strength to persevere.

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These stories were truly heartbreaking.

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More power to you ladies! 

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Also, people commented on how this is behavior is something they see in their communities.

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Kaisa Hai Naseeban’ is a powerful program because if its storyline. We hardly see dramas address topics like marital abuse so openly and boldly. If there’s one show you NEED to watch, this is it. Ramsha Khan’s performance is exemplary. Also, her Instagram post on why she went to ‘Aurat March’ is a good lesson for us all- we need to watch, grow and evolve to understand the world around us.

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Cover Photo Courtesy: @ramshakhanofficial / Instagram

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