Indian Model Poonam Pandey Did A “Strip Tease” In Honor Of India Winning The Match But Pakistani Fans Are More Entertained

By Sarmad Amer | 17 Jun, 2019

Model Poonam Pandey doing a strip tease has gotten all kinds of eyeballs

If you didn’t know Indian glamor model Poonam Pandey until now you certainly know her now. After she recently tried to troll Pakistan by taking off her bra she has definitely gotten a certain level of notoriety.


Poonam Pandey is already famous for her… uhmm… bold antics

She has been involved in some fashion shoots and movies that consider clothing as optional and she shot into mainstream attention when she earlier “challenged” the Indian cricket team to win so she could strip for them back in 2015.



Poonam Pandey’s attempt to troll Pakistan backfired real quick after Pakistanis reacted with eagerness


Naturally, she got trolled very hard for her attempts at getting attention


Of course, our very own Nasir Khan Jan also responded to her

Nasir’s response to Poonam is hilarious and Nasir is also generally being extremely savage on Twitter where he’s recently become a part of the community.


But as soon as the match ended with India thrashing our boys in green last night Poonam tweeted out a very cryptic message


And then she released what she called a “strip tease” in honor of India winning the match last night


As expected, fans are responding with exactly the same level of lecherous tharak as she apparently wanted


Even Pakistani fans want to watch her striptease

In fact, Pakistani fans seemed a little too eager for Poonam Pandey doing her thing.


They think our green shirts lost jaan ke so they could see Poonam Pandey strip


Some fans are pissed that the full striptease in on her website and that they have to pay for subscriptions to see it


Oh well, I guess Ms. Poonam Pandey and her strip tease have managed to successfully do what she wanted. If you feel this is offending you toh dil pe mat lijiye. To each their own, eh?


Pakistan Lost The Match Last Night But Pakistani Fans Have Won The Internet With Their Savage Sense Of Humor

Indian Model Poonam Pandey Took Off Her Bra To Troll Pakistan Before The Match But It Backfired Real Quick


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