Ranveer Singh Comforting A Pakistani Fan After Yesterday's Loss Is Why We Love Him

By Iman Zia | 17 Jun, 2019

Ranveer Singh giving words of comfort and hope to a Pakistani fan has really won us over.

Pakistan’s ill-fated loss yesterday against India at Old Trafford, Manchester was awful. Pakistan suffered in the hands of the undoubtedly adept Indian cricket team, however, that didn’t stop many Pakistani fans from batting out savage self-deprecating jokes online…


For many though, it really was a belittling defeat, but there were many Indians there in the heart of it all to comfort despondent Pakistanis…

Ranveer Singh was among many celebrities present from both sides of the border and was seen vibrantly frolicking around the ground, even taking a selfie with Zainab Abbas and Wasim Akram.

He stopped for a quick interview with British-Pakistani DJ Noreen Khan too!


Ranveer’s energy around the stadium was lauded by Twitterati, with many agreeing he dampened the rivalry between the two countries ahead of the game.


His outfit too was quite the conversation starter, as were his sunglasses:



A video’s surfaced online post the match of Ranveer comforting a Pakistani fan, pouring out words of hope and lots of warm hugs!

“There’s always next time, don’t be disheartened, you play well. The boys are committed, dedicated, professional and they’ll be back,” said Ranveer as he hugged it out with a Pakistani fan. The fan, who is British comedian Aatif Nawaz, thanked Ranveer and tweeted out the video saying “Indian fans are nice. Thanks, @RanveerOfficial.”


Actual footage of me right now:

Source: MTV




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