Iman Ali's Shendi Last Night Was An Epic Party That You Wish You Were Invited To

By Iman Zia | 22 Feb, 2019

After an intimate mayun the night before, Iman Aly and groom Babar Bhatti celebrated their nikkah in a far grander manner, with celebrities such as Urwa Hocane, Sarwat Gilani, HSY, Ali Xeeshan, and Farhan Saeed present, you know things are going to get turnt UP!

There were a LOT of endearing moments too along with the wildness of the party, so get ready to feel an overwhelming bundle of emoti0ns!!! Let’s start with Iman Ali so happy at her shendi, she couldn’t stop giggling!


The dhulan arrived so happily, looking absolutley gorgeous in the traditional yellow.

Source: @nichelifestyle/Instagram


The nikkah ceremony took place before the cultural festivities began…

Source: @irfanahson/Instagram


After the nikkah was completed, what’s any function without a bunch of photos? Here’s Iman with her parents and sisters.

Source: @irfanahson/Instagram


Here’s the newlywed couple who look SO gorgeous together!

Source: @allpakdramapage


Iman set blaze to the dancefloor as she danced to songs like ‘Swag Ka Swagat’ with her squad.


She also danced to a number of songs including ‘Deewani Mastani,’ 


…And we could see how vividly excited she was as she also serenaded with her husband!


Iman’s mother gracefully brought out her best moves!


The dhula didn’t shy away either from letting loose and showing us just how well he moves!


And what’s a party if HSY isn’t there?


Urwa and Farhan lit up the stage with their dance performances too, with Iman delightfully looking on!


Sarwat Gilani was also having so much fun, and why weren’t we invited?? *SIGHS*

Source: @nichelifestyle/Instagram


Iman looked absolutely gorgeous, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.


We wish the newlyweds all the very best!

Source: @showbiz_update_tv/Instagram


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