13 Images That Are Absolutely Not Safe For Ramazan

By Sarmad Amer | 11 May, 2019

This is definitely ‘Not Safe for Ramazan’. Be warned, you guys. We don’t take responsibility for the guilt you may feel after reading this, but we’re definitely not sorry.

So here goes:


1. This decadent shakshuka

Source: @tichkumtutu Via: Instagram

The tangy tomato masala with chilies, onions, and spices topped off with eggs and baked to perfection is heavenly as you pierce open that creamy yellow yolk to let it ooze all over the piping hot dish.


2. This perfect Sehri combo

Source: @fooddaylondon Via: Instagram

A greasy¬†paratha¬†cooked in¬†desi ghee with that¬†keema fry is #SehriFoodGoals and gulp it down with a glass of chilled doodh sprite and you’ve got a perfect meal to remember for the whole day.


3. The perfection that is this dish

Source: @chefsaal Via: Instagram

Such¬†chikun piece and then dowsed in tantalizing gravy is what a true¬†Karahi¬†is made of. Eat with¬†naan,¬†tandoori roti or rice, don’t forget to lick the wok clean.


4. This beautifully divine selection of rice dishes

Source: @houseofcurry Via: Instagram

To choose between biryani or¬†pulao may be a debate that will never get solved (psst,¬†Biryani is the best, though) but these cousin rice dishes are equally delectable when you’re hungry enough to eat anything set before you.


5. This Sunday breakfast that looks good enough to eat everyday

Source: @usman_943 Via: Instagram

The breakfast of champions washed down with doodh soda is the ideal way to start your Sunday.

Mmmm, yeah. Gimme gimme.



6. This bowl that contains the Haleem of your dreams

Source: @undercooth Via: Instagram


7. The burst of colors and flavors that is this plate

Source: @hungryrom Via: Instagram

Looking to give your taste buds a surprise test? Chaat, with its myriad of flavors and textures, is the way to go. Don’t forget to douse everything in oodles of¬†imli chutney.


8. This vilayti meal that you know tastes even better than it looks

Source: @talutalusauce Via: Instagram

A juicy burger with the works and fries that are a crunchy perfection with cheese on top is the cheat meal you have dirty thoughts for.


9. This meat eaters’ paradise

Source: @awais_n Via: Instagram

Seekh kebabs, or any barbecue for that matter, is a recipe for disaster if you can’t drink anything afterwards, so be careful when you’re indulging in this deliciousness.


10. This gloriousness that is the star of Ramazan

Source: @vidya_vee Via: Instagram

No Ramazan table is complete without the fantastic fried fritters that your ami makes. These treats are dolled out in Ramazan despite it being piercing cold or blistering hot outside.


11. This

Source: @sartorialeshika Via: Instagram

Ghoom ghoom ke hue tayar, sab ko aye uss pe pyaar. Bolo kiya?


12. These tasty triangular pockets of love

Source: @hodblogs Via: Instagram

Stuff ’em with potatoes, minced meat, peas,¬†aaloo,¬†and¬†keema or even with¬†halwa¬†(yes, I’ve had them stuffed with that too), a samosa is the ideal on-the-go food.


13. And finally, everything that is happening here

Source: @humairahf Via: Instagram

And the best way to eat all the amazing blessings of iftaari food is with those you love, around you.


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