I Watched The First Episode Of Ehd E Wafa So You Don't Have To

By Anoosha Rehan | 24 Sep, 2019

Ehd e Wafa finally began this past weekend

Finally Hum TV has come up with an exciting new project, which had kept people on their toes, for weeks. Some were hoping for it to be the sequel of the very famous ‘Alpha Bravo Charlie’ while others just wanted something light to watch. I watched Ehd e Wafa’s first episode and needless to say, it did make some noise.


Ehd e Wafa starts with a failed attempt by SSG (Special S Gang) boys to escape their hostel at midnight

The SSG gang is named so because all the characters’ names begin with the letter ‘S’ – Shahzain (Osman Khalid Butt), Saad (Ahad Raza Mir), Sheharyar (Ahmed Ali Akbar) and Shariq (Wahaj Ali). Getting caught red-handed puts the boys in trouble and they’re sent to the principal’s office.

Source: Hum Network Limited

Shahzain, played by Osman Khalid Butt, is the brain of the group, deciding for every crucial situation. The SSG boys are given a verbal warning, after the excuse they presented. However, they decide to avenge the hostel warden’s son, responsible for the trouble.


With her exceptional performance, Zara Noor Abbas stole the first episode of Ehd e Wafa with her “hayee Rani, hayee Rani.

This character, Rani, is every back bencher’s idol and Zara keeps it entertaining with her always-exceptional performance.

Source: Hum Network Limited

Having failed Intermediate exams thrice, Rani tries her luck to pass this time around. She is well prepared and well equipped with her booty, but her overconfidence while trying to prove her innocence, leads her into trouble. She’s allowed to get a new exam paper but she walks out of the door with these words that swoon everybody, “ab zindagi rahi, toh supply mein mulaqat hogi.”

Uff, don’t we all need this confidence in our lives?!

Source: Hum Network Limited


With too much energy and noise, Alizeh Shah, as Dua makes an appearance but her story’s connection with the SSG boys has not yet been established

Given that this looks like it will go the very traditional route, she will probably fall in love or have her rishta fixed with one of the boys *eye rolls*. Let’s see though.

Alongside the Lawrence College story, Dua’s family is another family introduced in the first episode. She’s full of life, energy and definitely, A LOT of excitement. Clearly, she’s the ghar kee laadli but I am curious to know how her story will link to Saad’s and I cannot wait to ship this couple.

Source: Hum Network Limited


The couple everyone’s shipping in the first episode of Ehd e Wafa for now is that of Saad and ‘Zoro’

While the drama may be special for a lot of reasons, I could not resist the debut of ISPR chief’s own pet dog, playing Zoro. The love Saad and Zoro share was the SWEETEST thing in the first episode. Saad’s advice to Zoro will tell you why I am shipping the two of them, “Oye, apnay character per koi daagh na lagnay dena, samjhay?” And oh well, while we are at it, Zoro is beautiful.

Source: Hum Network Limited


Back to the SSG gang getting caught trying to escape their hostel:

Soobedaar Major Retired Firdous Baig from Lawrence College is the warden in charge of hostel and with this personality, we see a lot of mess coming ahead

Source: Hum Network Limited

Not buying the ‘excuse’ from SSG, Firdous Sahab makes a call at Saad’s house. Very innocently, he tells Saad’s sister of the recent incident of Saad trying to sneak out of the hostel with his friends – making sure the message would reach his father.

Firdous Baig is seen to be excessively involved with his students’ activities and by messing up with his son, SSG boys have put their head in the lion’s mouth.


‘Faraz’ from Alpha Bravo Charlie makes an appearance as the promos already indicated. He’s playing Saad’s da

While everyone wanted Ehd e Wafa to be a sequel of Alpha Bravo Charlie it turned out to be a show of its own. It is, however, sweetly nostalgic for all the fans to see Faraz’s comeback. He is gentle and sophisticated as ever. However, he is playing Saad’s dad in this serial. After finding about his son’s attempt to flee hostel, he was disappointed but didn’t yet take an action against it.

Source: Hum Network Limited

Special shout out: Sheharyar’s ‘talaaq’ scene was a classic. Not knowing his friends’ plan to avenge warden’s son, this was Sheharyar’s very natural reaction to another person joining their SSG: talaaq talaaq talaaq!


The episode came to an end when they boys were successful in trapping the warden’s son, just they way he did them

Source: Hum Network Limited

Fooling the warden’s son into thinking he was part of the secretive SSG, Shahzain and crew took a sweet revenge and showed that’s how you do it.

With all the intense drama serials on air, Ehd e Wafa is the perfect addition for a light Sunday night. It is still too soon to make a statement because we are looking forward for just more than a story – for a strong story line. Let’s see what’s there in store for us.


You can watch the first episode here:



Cover image via Hum Network Limited / YouTube

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