I Watched THAT Viral Interview Of Reham Khan By Waqar Zaka So You Wouldn't Have To

By Aam Nawab | 19 May, 2020

Waqar Zaka said he would not hold back on his interview with Reham Khan and HE DID NOT

Even before Waqar Zaka started his new online show called ‘Headphones Show’ on YouTube, he cautioned viewers about the content of the show. He said he would ask uncomfortable questions about sex, alcohol and drugs based on the allegations Reham Khan had made in her self-titled biography which she published in the summer of 2018.


Waqar Zaka said that his intention was to make Reham Khan repent for the lies she had allegedly told about Prime Minister Imran Khan but the interview turned out to be much more than that

He starts off by asking an innocuous question at first about her favorite colors and then suddenly jumps to whether she has had ‘two gynae surgery’. Honestly, that question was weird… she said if he meant giving birth, then yes but apart from that, no.

The conversation then focused on her autobiography in which she talked in length about both her marriages. She maintained that she stood by everything she said in the book. Waqar Zaka brought up the infamous kaali daal incident where Reham talked about Imran Khan rubbing lentils all over his body to get rid of the evil eye. In the interview she said she did not lie about it and had always found his behaviors weird.

Source: Waqar Zaka / YouTube


Reham Khan also talked about how Imran Khan was a surprisingly romantic husband for her

She clarified that while her first marriage had been both physically, verbally and emotionally abusive, she had never alleged that her marriage to Imran Khan had been like that, which means that while she wasn’t satisfied in her marriage it wasn’t an abusive union.

She said in her interview to Waqar that in fact she still cherishes the times when she could have a cup of tea with Imran Khan without being verbally abused like she had been in her previous marriage. She said Imran Khan had never been an abusive husband and in fact, talked about the sweet romantic gestures he would make towards her which she was not used to.

Source: Waqar Zaka / YouTube


This brought Waqar Zaka to the crux of his interview; why did she try to expose Prime Minister Imran Khan?

He stated that had he been involved in corruption or money laundering it would be fair but she exposed his alleged private life which he did not think was warranted. He brought in the argument that Islam advises you to cover up the mistakes of others while Reham exposed them to the world.

Reham Khan replied that she had written the book so people could know about the real face of the Prime Minister, which according to her is important since he does use the guise of religion to gather votes. But interestingly, she also maintained that the State should not intervene in the matters of religion since they were personal to everyone. Whatever someone did in their home was their business.

Waqar Zaka was relentless and asked why she had talked about Imran Khan’s sex life. Reham seemed to shy away from these questions and Waqar told her to be confident as she was the one who had written about them in the first place. She stated that some things are easier written than spoken out loud for her.

Source: Waqar Zaka / YouTube


Waqar Zaka then straight up asked her who was better in bed; her previous husband or Imran Khan?

This is the moment that has gone viral and to that, as everyone in Pakistan now knows, Reham replied it was her previous husband.

Err… not only was the question in bad taste but I am shocked that Reham actually replied…

Waqar was shocked at the answer. Because apparently Reham had described her conjugal relations with her first husband as being unsatisfactory. So Waqar couldn’t believe that it was even worse than that!

In the end, Waqar Zaka asked her if she had been shocked that Imran Khan never uttered a word about her or her book in retaliation. She stated that hes the Prime Minister of the country and had an active social media wing which did not leave room for him to also say anything. If she had such a force backing her up, she wouldn’t need to say anything either.

If you still have the stomach for it, you can watch the full interview here.

Clearly Waqar Zaka was not convinced with her interview. But what did you think about it? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: Waqar Zaka /YouTube

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