Waqar Zaka Got Banned For Talking About Kashmir And He's Dragging Pakistani YouTubers For It

By Noor | 21 Aug, 2019

Waqar Zaka says he spoke on Kashmir and faced the wrath

After the repeal of Article 370 by India and invasion of Kashmir, Pakistanis are trying hard to internationalize the Kashmir issue by highlighting it on all the platforms. Many famous public figures have also helped raise their voice for Kashmir and some of them are actually facing the wrath of India’s strong influence on the tech world in trying to suppress any discussion that they don’t like.


Waqar Zaka was one such person who boldly talked about Kashmir and the hopeless situation of Kashmiris on all his social media accounts


Waqar recently revealed that his Facebook account has been suspended because he was adamant to unveil the Indian state-led oppression against the Muslims

He discussed that he posted a video with the title “India teri aisi tesi” on his Facebook account. In that video, he had talked about how Hindu extremists were forcing a Muslim to chant religious slogans of Hinduism. He claimed that the video had no hate speech yet his Facebook account has been suspended.

Source: Waqar Zaka/YouTube


He also criticized Pakistani YouTubers for not speaking about Kashmir and also said that famous YouTuber Irfan Junejo was ‘lying’ that a video on Kashmir could have earned him more views and more money


Waqar went on to label Pakistani YouTubers as paisay kay pujari, and said that the only reason which stops them from making a video on Kashmir is that they don’t want their channels to get suspended

He explained that these Pakistani YouTubers know that the population ratio of Indians vs Pakistanis is greater so it’s easier for the Indians to report and get the pro-Pakistani accounts suspended.

Source: Waqar Zaka/YouTube


He has challenged Pakistani YouTubers, asking them to talk about Kashmir and forget all the  money and views he claims that they may be earning

Source: Waqar Zaka/YouTube


You can watch Waqar bhai’s full rant here:


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Cover image via: celebdhaaba.com / Waqar Zaka via YouTube

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