Twitter Went Down In Pakistan And Pakistanis Came Up With Crazy Conspiracy Theories

By Maryam Khalid | 18 May, 2020

Twitter hogaya down in Pakistan aur conspiracies shuru

We can’t survive without social media, can we? We have been pretty used to Facebook and Instagram’s occasional crashes. But when Twitter stops working, we know that the shit is real. Of course being in the middle of a pandemic just causes more meltdown with internet privileges being taken away, so something similar just happened with Pakistanis.

Twitter suddenly went down in Pakistan, late on Sunday night

#TwitterDown became the top trend in Pakistan as everyone realized that pictures are taking forever to load. The issue was being reported on multiple different Internet Service Providers and carried on for quite a few hours.

Via: Twitter


Of course, with Twitter being down in Pakistan creativity within the awaam had to be unleashed

The app could be down, but the meme game was way too strong.


Some people realized that Twitter was down ONLY in Pakistan and that became the catalyst for a lot of conspiracy theories

As a nation that thrives on conspiracies, we always have alternative explanations – or “alternative facts” – for any and every amjor event so suffice to say, quite a few people began speculating that the reason Twitter was down was because something sinister was brewing on the political landscape.


Many questioned if the Government banned the site for some top-secret reason we don’t know

The conspiracy theorist in me is super hungry for all the deets.


Pakistanis had been coming up with weird conspiracies on the Twitter issue

Is it due to some conference? Is it some takeover? Is the PTI Government being toppled? Guess, we will never know because Twitter is now back up without much hassle.


People quickly came up with hacks to unblock Twitter


This one person even claimed that this shutdown could be a teaser of something permanent



I stan this one only


Turns out there was something going on with Twitter being down in Pakistan because Zoom was down too



So, did you experience any difficulty with Twitter? Or do you have any juicy conspiracy theory? Spill it out below.


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