I Just Watched The Trailer Of Narendra Modi's Biopic And I Can't Stop LOLing At All The Savage Trolling

By Fatima A | 24 Mar, 2019

Election fever is real and tensions are high in India as the world’s biggest democracy is set to hold elections this year. Naturally, politics and movies go hand in hand in India and many Bollywood films are set to release during this intense election season.


The trailer for the movie on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi released online

The movie, titled “PM Narendra Modi”, stars Vivek Oberoi.


And It’s already setting records for a Bollywood film trailer having the MOST DISLIKES in 24 hours.

For reference, this record was originally held by RACE 3 starring Salman Khan and that trailer had a whopping 188k dislikes in 24 hours!

Source: Legend Global Studio



Not, only do people REALLY dislike the trailer but they’re hardcore TROLLING the movie

From calling out PM Modi’s facade AND Vivek Oberoi’s lack of acting skills 


To Modi’s economic policies and Vivek’s acting career

Via: YouTube


People are being straight up SAVAGE about this film


Even the dialogues featured in the film have people LOL-ing


Some of these responses are just straight up BRUTAL


 People actually found watching the trailer comparable to TORTURE


And others found it easier to just GIF their feelings instead of using words


You KNOW you’ve messed up when a Salman Khan GIF is being used to call out your film

Especially if you’re the ex to Salman’s ex.


When all else failed it was memes to the rescue


In fact, scenes from the trailer have already been preserved and incorporated into the memes hall of fame


Some people just find the whole thing extremely comical and have simply labelled the movie as a “comedy”


Buss, FITTAY MOO, honestly.


And it’s not just ordinary citizens that are calling out the makers of the movie

Even famed Indian lyricist, poet and screenwriter  Javed Akhtar expressed his concerns about the film on his social media. Apparently, he has been falsely been credited for writing one of the songs for the movie even though he had ZERO involvement. Matlab WTH!?


Social media is just RUTHLESS when it comes to this trailer.


Brutal. But also, HOW TRUE?!


I mean HADD hoti hai , yaar.

Source: @ZarrarKhuhro/Twitter


Is it really trolling if it’s just someone spitting out nothing but the truth?


Honestly, we’re LOVING how these “trolls” are calling out the movie for the propaganda filled narrative that it is and how absolutely HILARIOUS some of these critiques are. While film is obviously an important medium to tackle real-life issues, using a movie to sway the general public’s votes during election season isn’t exactly ethical behavior. It’s great to see how the internet isn’t falling for this clever vote garnering tactic and instead just tackling the whole situation by how it knows best- ruthless trolling.


Comment down below on what you think of the whole situation and what your take is on using cinema as a tool to obtain votes during Indian election season?


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Cover image via: Legend Global Studio / ndtv.com

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