Humayun Saeed And Ahmed Ali Butt Are Having The Weirdest Twitter Shade-Fest Right Now

By Arslan Athar | 1 Apr, 2019

Humayun Saeed and Ahmad Ali Butt won hearts with their performances in ‘Jawani Phir Nahin Aani’ films. In JPNA2, Ahmad Ali Butt made Pakistan LOL with his character ‘Maina’, and her lovable persona. The character had the best one-liners and was most definitely the star of the film.

Maina was a Pakistani wedding planner, who was flirty when she needed to be and was all about making sure her mission was complete.

Because of this phenomenal performance, Ahmad Ali Butt was nominated for the LSAs, under the category of Best Actor. 

Late last night, Humayun Saeed sent out (what can only be called) a congratulatory tweet to his co-star. 

This tweet was shady AF. First, there was the ‘meray motoo’ moment, which chalo fine, can be written off as ‘guys being guys’ but it’s still unnecessary. This is followed soon by Humayun Saeed announcing the fact that he wasn’t nominated. Why must you bring that up when congratulating someone else for their nomination?


Ahmad Ali Butt didn’t let this go too easily and gave an apt response to Humayun. 

But he also dragged Mehwish Hayat into the mix…


He followed this up with an, even more, saltier post. 

It reads, “Thank you @saeedhumayun for all your support and love throughout the year to all your female actresses (only). ” Ahmad Ali Butt continues the shade as he claims that only when he played Maina, was he able to understand the ‘Humayun Saeed Effect’. He, again, signs off by stating that he loves Humayun more than Mehwish. Yup, so much ‘bromance’.

Source: @ahmadalibutt / Instagram


This can just be read at some silly banter between two actors, however, to me it reads more like a salty exchange, being masked with some love here and there.

Fans were reacting to all the sass online. 

Source: @ahmadalibutt / Instagram


The Humayun Saeed jokes were just as good as they usually are.

Source: @ahmadalibutt / Instagram


While some called out some problematic behavior. 

Source: @ahmadalibutt / Instagram


People are all in favor of Ahmad Ali Butt winning this award.

Source: @ahmadalibutt / Instagram


Source: @ahmadalibutt / Instagram


Source: @ahmadalibutt / Instagram


So, what do you make of Humayun Saeed and Ahmad Ali Butt’s twitter banter?

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Cover Photo Courtesy: @ahmadalibutt / Twitter and 

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