Mohsin Abbas Haider Has Called Out The LSAs For Not Nominating ‘Meri Guriya'

By Arslan Athar | 30 Mar, 2019

Mohsin Abbas Haider calls out the LSAs


The Lux Style Awards are one of Pakistan’s most anticipated award shows. Every year, a buzz is built around the list of nominees and finally the actual winners. This year is no different. Earlier today, the list of nominations were released.

Cake was nominated for ‘Best Film’. 

Source: B4U Movies


Fahad Mustafa was nominated for ‘Best Actor’ for his role in ‘Load Wedding’.

Source: ARY Films


Mehwish Hayat was nominated for ‘Best Actress’ for her role in ‘Load Wedding’ too. 

Source: ARY Films


Mohsin Abbas and Sohail Haider were nominated for ‘Singer of the Year’ for their song ‘Na Jaa’. 

Source: Patari Music / Youtube


This, of course, is not the only major project Mohsin worked on this year. He played the role of Dabeer, a sexual predator and child rapist, in the hit show ‘Meri Guriya’. 

The actor and singer took to Instagram after the nominations came out, but his general reactions were a bit mixed.

Source: @mohsinabbashaider / Instagram


His ending sentence is truly where the meat of his critique is- ‘thanks for making my belief more strong that let’s just make money and run our kitchens’. ‘Meri Guriya’ was a social project, meant to raise awareness after the horrific rape and murder of Zainab. This wasn’t a project that aimed to make money, and the telling of the story was so honest and raw, that one could really not question the makers’ intention.

Source: Big Bang Entertainment


More than just the intention and the storyline of the show, ‘Meri Guriya’ is a remarkable show for its characters and the acting. Sania Saeed brought the role of grieving and fighting mother to life, Sonya’s character inspired us to do better and lastly, Mohsin’s character was horrifically portrayed, so much so that people were truly scared of him.  The show delivered on its promise to create impact- it made us all look internally and question what we’re doing so wrong.  ‘Meri Guriya’ definitely belongs in the list of dramas that can never be forgotten.

Mohsins fans and fans of the show expressed their deep disappointment. 

Source: @mohsinabbashaider / Instagram


Source: @mohsinabbashaider / Instagram


Source: @mohsinabbashaider / Instagram


Source: @mohsinabbashaider / Instagram


Source: @mohsinabbashaider / Instagram


Source: @mohsinabbashaider / Instagram


It takes a lot of courage and determination to make dramas like ‘Meri Guriya’, given that the industry keeps making dramas on themes that have worked in the past. After ‘Udaari’, Meri Guriya’ was one of the few Pakistani dramas to garner such a loyal audience while also creating true impact on Pakistani society. If Awards show do not recognize and support such risks, then our industry will not grow in terms of topics that can be covered.

However, to be fair to the LSAs, ‘Udaari’ was nominated for multiple categories in 2016, and took home all those awards, except for one.

What do you make of all this?

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Cover Photo Courtesy: Big Bang Entertainment

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