Here Are All The People Who Want To Go On A Honeymoon With Huma Mobin

Here Are All The People Who Want To Go On A Honeymoon With Huma Mobin

The lonely honeymoon girl a.k.a. Huma Mobin, has become world famous for her incredibly cute pictures of her honeymoon that she went to alone because her husband couldn’t get the visa for Greece.

Source: Huma Mobin


MangoBaaz got in touch with her and this is what she told us

“I’ll give you my rather sad (not) background behind this. In December 2015 Arsalaan and I got married after 2 years of dating, we wen to our first honeymoon to Maldives and were planning to go to our second honeymoon with his family to Greece. Since he and his family are big investors in traveling and strongly believe that the returns on traveling are infinite, so we had decided to take this trip. Unfortunately my Husband, Arsalaan Sever Butt, didn’t get his visa from the Greek Embassy and I had to go because we had paid everything in advance. Since it had only been 7 months into our marriage, I really did miss him and since I’d send him these pictures, I decided to imagine him their. Like an imaginary husband.”

Source: Huma Mobin


But she doesn’t take all the credit for this idea

“However I would not want to take the entire credit for this, as immediately after our engagement my husband went to Budapest where he took a single picture and sent it to me. I uploaded on my Instagram so when I found myself in the same place a year later. I took a few pictures and then my friends insisted I make an entire series of it. My mother-in-law, Tanya Suhail, was my official photographer.”

Source: Huma Mobin


Seeing how lonely Huma was, these people decided to go out on a vacation with her



1. Like the incredible Fozia Azeem

How she looken?

Source: Syed Saad


2. Or the dashing Waqar bhai

Source: Syed Saad


3. The Pakistani cricket team’s selfie king also wants to join Huma on her trip

Source: Syed Saad


4. We even found out that Nawaz Sharif was doing this before he came back to Pakistan

Source: Syed Saad


5. Even Mamnoon Hussain wants to go on a trip outside Pakistan

Source: Syed Saad


6. After a very hard working Ramazan the great Dr. Aamir Liaquat decided to take a break

Source: Syed Saad


7. Huma needed a Humsafar on her trip and here’s one for her

Source: Syed Saad


8. Even mankind’s angel felt pity for lonely Huma and decided to accompany her

Source: Syed Saad


9. This guy also joined in

Source: Syed Saad


10. Would she want to be the next Mrs. Imran Khan (sorry Arsalaan, we don’t really mean it)?

Source: Syed Saad


Who else would you like to see go on a honeymoon with Huma Mobin? Also, check out more of Huma’s adventure’s on her blog right here.

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