Here’s What Your Horoscope Says About Your Week Between 8th And 14th October

By Nai Dulhan | 8 Oct, 2018

Hello people, Aunty Najoomi is here once again to tell you how your kismet will behave this week. So let’s just dive into the future and see what your horoscope says about your week between 8th October to 14th October 2018.


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If you’re born as an Aries, you need to hold all your horses this week and think with a logical and practical approach. Only then you will be able to achieve success. No jaldbazi and no emotional atiyachaar is your ticket to greatness this week. This week is all about analyzing the facts and then making your decisions. In other news, you might reunite with people from your past, be it colleagues, friends or any other acquaintances who added to your sweet memories.

Love life this coming week seems to be taking an interesting turn as things seem to be going in your favor and relationships might materialize. You might receive gifts, attention, romantic dinner dates and other lovely gestures by your partner. Scene on hai apka bhei. 


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Financial matters will be a top priority for you this week and a certain man or certain men play a vital role in your money matters. However, you will face some stressful situations with a particular girl or a young woman – this may lead to a confrontation and maybe even separation. Be prepared for any outcome in this matter. Money matters mai koi hera pheri mut kerain as this will land you into trouble – be fair and be sincere in all your transactions and dealings. If you get on the right path, you might even get access to quick gains in that bank account of yours.

Taurus women might have a lucky week, while the men might experience better career opportunities and financial performance in businesses. Try not to get your life in a sticky situation by jumping to conclusions and blowing things out of proportion – Chill mahol te mithay chowl should be your philosophy.


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Geminis, you might receive gifts on your doorstep from your friends and family who are living away from you. There is no particular occasion to experience such generosity from your loved ones – bus apki luck and apno ka pyaar apkay saath hai. Your earnings this week might be good but this will not particularly come easily to you. Bus mehnat kertay raho aur lugay raho. You might face additional difficulties and obstacles but don’t worry – it happens. This week, in general, will be tiresome and full of challenges – but the rewards will be equally good.


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Hello Crabbies, this week you will receive pleasant news involving a certain female in your life. This does not mean a lover particularly, as it could be any woman or female. This week, chances are they will realize a mistake you might have made with a friend and consider mending things. There might be an awkward situation between you two as there might be money involved as well. Travel plans look good this week as you are expected to either travel or make connections with people who are living far off from you. Positive and forward thinking is the key to keeping things grounded with your loved ones. From a bird’s eye view, your finances take priority at the moment, with special care taken to avoid any unwanted mistakes, emotional decisions, and unpaid work. Good luck!


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Lions and lionesses, you are in for numerous personal experiences this week, most of which are very close to your heart. These include situations involving your personal life, your aspirations, and desires as an individual. Ooo deep, very deep. Your family will not disappoint you this week and both you and they will get the most out of the expectations that you have from each other. A certain relative will be involved in a very important decision that you have to take in the near future.

Career and work-wise, this week looks good for you as you will now be able to actively look for a new job or interview for that job opening you had your eyes on. But beta, dehaan se, because there are no chances for hasty decisions as this is your future that is in question. Good luck!


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If you’re a Virgo, this week is all about solving problems with your loved ones and those who you work with. Focus on emotions and love should be a major priority on your part as your significant other expects you to clear the misunderstandings and differences that you both have developed. Ignoring the problem will only deteriorate it and you might eventually find yourself trapped into a spiral of issues.

Conflict with a young man or boy is seemingly possible as it will make you realize that you can’t always have your way when it comes to relationships. In the coming week, a certain man might also play a particular role in your financial decisions. The week looks promising if you behave yourself.


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The coming week might start with you facing some sort of a disappointment which was unforeseen by you. As a result of this, you will have to make some tough calls and decisions – Boss, apnay ghabrana nahi hai okay? Keep yourself mentally prepared that a stressful situation might occur and things might not be in your control – the key here is not to lose your cool and just keep swimming through the chaos.

There might be some sort of special conversations with a man who resides away from you, probably to discuss business or family matters or a future get together etc. If you are a parent, you are going to have pleasant moments with your children and any conflicts will become irrelevant. Gemini and Aquarius play an important role in your life this week.


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All the Scorpios in the house, you will have to control that gussa and jazzbatipan in you so that you can operate as a normal human being with the people you work with. Changes in your work environment require adaptability to new people, rules or projects. This week is all about solving all your problems face-to-face and with utmost sincerity. You will have to put your foot down if anyone tries to interfere in your problem-solving efforts as this will complicate the situation for you.

In terms of your personal life, this week will bring a whole new ball game to your arena, whether you are married or not. Financial stability from your part will help you focus on other aspects of your life and relationship with a certain special person. If you are in a good mood, your relationships will thrive as well. Supporting a certain woman or her presence in your life will have a good impact on you, whether you’re a woman or a man.


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You guys will have some reservations and concerns regarding a certain person or group of people in your close circle of friends or relatives. Your attention is required in an emotional relationship that you might have parked or ignored for some time. Try to make plans or connections with people who live far away from your area of dwelling as this will bring you success and pleasant news.

Many of you will have access to some sort of financial gain in which you will be able to enjoy some extra money in your bank account or hands. Travel wise this week looks good for you and traveling to areas not so far away will be therapeutic for you. Like every other week previously, this week too will bring surprises for you – whether in terms of money or events in your life or a close relative’s life which will impact you.


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People born under the star sign of Capricorn will experience some pleasant situations which involve money matters. Health problems of a loved one might be bothering you but this will be a good time for you as a parent of young children. In the course of this week, you will have involvement with a certain woman in your life which might stir up some controversies in her life and maybe yours as well. Try to be careful in such situations.

The surprises that you will receive will be related to your personal life – you will have to decide if these are good surprises or unpleasant ones. Health problems of a male member in your family or friends might concern you and some important conversations are due with a certain man in your life as well.


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All you Aquarius people out there will be able to finally draw conclusions about a certain important engagement related to a certain woman in your life – this might come in the form of an issue related to a woman or the fact that a woman will help you out in the issues that you are facing. This week will bring some surprises for you, especially in your relationships with Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces individuals.

It is possible that due to a stressful situation that you’re facing, you might experience health problems such as headaches, sleeplessness, and anxiety. Try to relax and look at things in an objective manner. This week looks good in terms of traveling and taking trips, especially if they are related to friends or close relatives.


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If you are a fish in a big pond, this week is all about managing your finances well and making sure that you’re up in your monetary game in order to avoid any stressful situations. Your family might go through a situation in which you will have to take a stand and go against certain relatives who are causing stress and anxiety to your close family members.

Backbiting, gossip, and malice against a person who is close to your heart will disappoint you and add to your sadness because you will realize that it’s all untrue and meant to tarnish the person’s image. You have a good heart and cannot see anyone’s image being ridiculed this way, especially if the person is close to your heart. Pisces men will be anxious to have some developments in their love life and close relationships. Considering love options beyond your comfort zone looks like a possibility this week. Don’t be afraid to take the leap of faith.


So, what does your horoscope say about how your week’s looking like? Let us know in the comments.


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