Oye Libras, Here's How Compatible Each Zodiac Sign Is With You

By Maliha Khan | 6 Oct, 2018

It is natural to get along with some people, while not being able to stand other people. Could this type of compatibility relate to Astrology and our zodiac signs? The folks we’re focusing on today are Libras – and how compatible it is with other zodiac signs.

1. Gemini – Extremely compatible 

The compatibility of these two signs is pretty unfair because some might go as far as to say they are perfect together. They fit each other’s needs well. You enjoy being outdoors and being active as a couple. There is never a dull day with the two of you unless you guys are sleeping.

Source: Astrologyzone.com

2. Leo – Extremely Compatible

Leos like to take charge and while Libras are not passive. Libras do not like to make decisions or feel rushed to make a choice, while is why their Leo counterparts are perfect for them. Both of them are attention-seeking and often seek attention from one another. They understand this about each other and do not get annoyed by similar demands.

Source: Astrologyzone.com

3. Sagittarius – Extremely Compatible

They are extroverts and like to be around other people. They are both optimists and tend to look on the positive side of things. Money is where you may disagree since both of you like to enjoy your money, but just in different ways.

Source: Astrologyzone.com

4. Aquarius – Extremely Compatible

You will feel an instantaneous connection and their mental connection will be out of this world. Both of them want to be friends, first and foremost. Both are excellent communicators and can express themselves very easily. It is likely for the Libra to get bossy and for the Aquarius to rebel since they are so independent.

Source: Astrologyzone.com

5. Aries – Mostly Compatible

Physically the two of you are very much connected, so an intimate relationship is ideal for a Libra and Aries. Other than that, you two are basically are on two different sides of the same page. You can give and take a lot from each other, which is why the two of you would work well together.

Source: Astrologyzone.com

6. Taurus – Extremely Compatible

A Taurus and Libra are two halves of the same page – they get along very well. They both appreciate the little things in life and like to treat themselves to finer things. Their favorite hobbies together are fine dining, watching visiting art galleries, and maybe just a quiet night in.

Source: Astrologyzone.com

7. Cancer – Moderately Compatible

They look at things in completely different ways. They arrive at two different solutions by using different processes, which is why they have a difficult time understanding each other. Their relationship is not a stroll in the park, but if they are dedicated enough they can make it work. Libras don’t understand why Cancers are so emotional and Cancers don’t understand why Libras are so straightforward.

Source: Astrologyzone.com

8. Virgo – Moderately Compatible

While they are not normally known to be the best together, they can make it work pretty well through a few easy steps. One step being dividing up work. Whether they are significant others or they are just friends, making sure the Virgo is not left to do all of the work is extremely important.

Source: Astrologyzone.com

9. Libra – Moderately Compatible

They are both vain and both believe they are the best. While not all Libras are the same, they have the same types of personalities which is why they get along quite well. They are both understanding and enjoy each other’s company.

Source: Astrologyzone.com

10. Scorpio – Slightly Compatible

Their union is just not meant to be. They have a lot of underlying issues with each other, and they are simply not interested in getting to know each other. They are set in their individual ways and do not prefer people that might steer them away from their paths. A Libra will desire more freedom and independence a Scorpio is willing to give them and that is just a deal breaker for a Libra.

Source: Astrologyzone.com

11. Capricorn – Slightly Compatible

Capricorns are more driven and more hard-working, which is something the lazy Libra will not understand. Libras like to take it easy and get their stuff done on their own time, while the Capricorn prefers to be on the go and get everything done in the least amount of time possible. Their ethical differences cause a lot of issues between the two.

Source: Astrologyzone.com

12. Pisces – Slightly Compatible

They are both very, very sensitive, which is already a bad sign. Though they don’t make good romantic partners, friendship is still an option. They are artists and love the whimsical side of the world, but for different reasons. Both seem to stray away from direct confrontation and wait until the last minute when things have gotten too far to be fixed.

Source: Astrologyzone.com

Let us know who you are the most compatible with!


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