These Misinterpretations Hollywood Has About Pakistan Are Ridiculous

By Hamza Ghaznavi | 8 May, 2015

Every year, Hollywood produces a plethora of movies that leave the world in awe. Their movies have the ability to make you relate to something that would be impossible to believe in and change the way you feel.  But at times, Hollywood drops the line – and this is true of their portrayal of Pakistan in several instances. 


Living in the 21st century with access to vast resources, one would expect movies or TV shows, especially those nominated for the Oscars and Golden Globes , to be based on thorough research. But sadly, that’s not what happens.

Hollywood, it’s time to take some notes.  Here’s a start to debunking some of the Golden Globe and Oscar worthy myths about Pakistan.


1. Abbottabad, in Oscar nominated film “Zero Dark Thirty,” is a city in the north of Pakistan:

Hollywood Abbottabad: Basically a deserted waste land

Source: EOnline


Real Abbottabad: It’s considered one of the most beautiful and peaceful cities of Pakistan, famous for its greenery and mountains – nothing less than the Swiss Alps.


Because you know:



2. Hollywood’s favorite stereotypes: Russian terrorists and Muslims speaking Arabic!



3. According to Hollywood land, Pakistani gender division is simple:


pakistani man Source: IBTimes


burqa Source: Wisegeek 


In reality:

Not all Pakistani men have beards but when they do, it’s because it suits them. After all, Pakistani men have been ranked as being the 3rd hottest in the world, that too by non-Pakistanis!

And instead of guns, Pakistanis are famous for making waves across the border

Source: Dawn

Above: Fawad Khan wins the Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut in India


Or for simply being hot #SomePakistaniThings

express Source: Express Tribune


4.  Pakistani women always wear burqas and have no lives.

Source: Razorionfly


It’s similar to  saying the entire female population in the U.S dresses like nuns.

Source: Red Pepper



Sorry for the buzzkill, but in reality a lot of  Pakistani women dress like this

chika booom Source: Latest Life Styles


And despite contrary belief (Hollywood) they’re not locked in their rooms:

Source: Uthmag


5. In Hollywood, Islamabad is a war zone.

With terrorists roaming free with an Ak-47s ready to kill Americans where ever they see fit, because you know #ThugLife

Islamabad In Hollywood (Homeland)

...... Source: Wall Street Journal 

Basically a war torn place with gunfire more frequent then a pigeon’s poop.

shimmy shimmy Source: Youtube

Also, according to Hollywood you’d probably get killed by an angry mob just because you’re an American

zim zim Source: Youtube


Basically they’re thinking of shooting the next Walking Dead season here aswell


In Reality (sorry to break it to you), this is Islamabad

ggggg Source: Blogspot

Centarous: A run down building in the deserted city of Islamabad


Too much chaos, TOO MUCH!

Source: Flickr

If you look closely, you might just see Osama Bin Laden doing the Gangam Style


And the hangout spots are just terrifying.


Oh and yeah you’re right, foreigners should stay away from Pakistan.

Source: Flickr

Group of foreigners exploring the northern areas of Pakistan and up until this picture was taken, word on the street is they loved it!


Source: Madison Mountaineering

American climbers in Islamabad dining and having a good time. Can’t you see how terrified they are!


Source: Billi Bierling

American women after running a marathon in Islamabad, having a good relaxing time.


6. Protests in Pakistan mainly consist of people burning American Flags.



Pakistanis do protest but they’re more like this:

dharna Source: Facebook

(Some points maybe for your next award winning endeavour)


But mostly they’re busy with hobbies.

Source: PakEdu


One of the dozen Pakistan Fashion Weeks (which happen almost every month).

Source: Pakium


Source: Apnahub

Watching our very own internationally acclaimed films


Source: Metro Lahore

Lahoris doing what they love, having some really tasty and spicy  food at food street Lahore


Also if you’re stuck in traffic, it’s more likely that it’s because of:

People stopping their cars to stare at the beautifully lit canal

Source: Lahorenama
Source: Lahorenama


Or somebody just felt like playing the dhol

Source: Pull Quotes and Excerots


7. Houses in Pakistan are very primitive


In Reality, they’re not that small.

Source: Noor Khan Design Studios


And pretty class as well.

obseletnes Noor Khan Design Studios 


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