Hira Mani Finally Made An Appearance In ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho'

By Anoosha Rehan | 10 Nov, 2019

Since everyone was heartbroken after the last episode of ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’, the following question remained: what role will Hira Mani play? A lot of people thought she’d be Shahwar’s first wife and many thought she’d be the light of hope in Danish’s bechari life; but, everyone was curious to know how and when she’d make an entry. Hira Mani finally made an entrance as Hania and we still have so many questions.

We last left Danish heartbroken over his wife, Mehwish, leaving him for Shahwar

The previous episode was full of agony and heartbreaking moments, where Danish let go of the love of his life. Mehwish, with no care in the world, happily went away with Shahwar, leaving behind their child, Rumi.

Episode 13 finally reveals that Hira Mani will be playing the role of Rumi’s class teacher

Source: Six Sigma Plus

She speaks to Danish about the poor performance of Rumi in boarding school and how he has a problem that is affecting other students.

Source: Six Sigma Plus

Danish gets a little indignant when Miss Hania asks for a commitment from Rumi’s mother for better performance, in order to keep allowing Rumi to attend the school. Danish exclaims, “Kahan say laaon uss ki maa? Divorce le lee hai ussnay, mulk say bahir chali gayi hai. Kya lein gee commitment ap uss say?” He then apologizes, saying he cannot stand to hear anything against his son. Hania excuses him and the brief meeting ends.

Hira Mani then makes an appearance in the last scene where it is revealed that she is also the daughter of Danish’s very dear colleague and friend, Mateen sahab

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After bringing Mateen sahab to the hospital, Danish makes a call to the contact saved as his daughter in his phone, informing her about the heart attack. By the time, Hania reaches the hospital, she receives the news of her father’s demise.

Source: Six Sigma Plus

The episode ends with her wailing and helpless cries of “abba” while Danish, heartbroken by his friend’s loss, looks at her with sympathy.

It must have come as a surprise for the followers to learn that the character of Hina Mani had nothing to do with Shahwar, as most of them had predicted. Rather, the connection of Danish with Hania is more complex; not only is she his son’s teacher, but is also his late friend’s daughter.

Over time, we have seen Danish’s friendship grow with Mateen sahab to an extent that he waited for him at lunch, too. Hania, thus, has made a strong entrance and we know she is here for the long run, we just are waiting to see how.


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