The Viral Meme “Pen Di Siri” Has Now Been Turned Into A Hilarious Song And People Are Obsessed With It

By Sarmad Amer | 5 Dec, 2017

You must’ve come across the phrase Pen Di Siri lately, if you’re a social being in Pakistan. The phrase has become a rather viral meme with everyone sharing their take on the hilarious joke. While many attribute Khadim Hussain Rizvi for the phrase’s popularity, the phrase was actually used by another religious figure in a speech that was unrelated to the infamous Faizabad dharna.


Ever since the FaizabadĀ dharna, though, the phrase Pen Di Siri has become a popular meme

As part of his contribution to the meme, Pakistani singer Ali Aftab Saeed, released his song “Pen Di Siri”


And people all over social media are falling in absolute love with it


The song has catchy lyrics that people are already humming


With people even pointing out how the phrase has received an “artistic” update thanks to the song


The singer, Ali Aftab Saeed, founded the band Beygairat Brigade who had a famous hit song “Aalu Anday

The band was formed in 2011 with Ali as the lead vocalist of the band.


While everyone else is celebrating the phrase, this woke AF person just pointed out her very valid opinion on the sexist origins of this phrase


Interestingly, it’s not just phrases like “Pen Di Siri”, our culture has a habit of abuse orĀ gaaliyaan being centered around women.

While this could be the fact that we, as a culture, think of women as theĀ izzat, or property, of their men that need to be protected and any abuse hurled at theĀ izzatĀ is taken very seriously. OrĀ gaaliyaan being gendered could just be due to the fact that we are just a sexist bunch of pigs.

Either way, this is a good video to check out:


Cover image via: Ali Aftab Saeed / YouTube

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