These Are All My Handbag Essentials For The Winter Season

By Kashaf | 5 Dec, 2017

Handbags – they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, capacity, colors, and are a woman’s best friend. If you’re anything like me, then you’re curious as to what every woman carries day-to-day in her handbag. A woman’s bag is filled with all kinds of secrets.

Here’s a glimpse of what I carry in my handbag on the days where I will be out most of the day – maybe it will give you the inspiration to add something to yours.

source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz



Source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz

This one’s a given. Can’t leave the house without ID, cash, and your cards. I always keep prayer beads in my wallet as well.


Source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz

Always keep a pair of sunnies in your bag – they look good and protect your eyes.  They’re also the perfect accessory to upgrade an outfit or to hide dark circles.

Notebook + Pen

Source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz

Notebooks are great for jotting down ideas, to-do lists, and meetings. They keep you organized and efficient.


Source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz

Can’t leave for the day without your cell phone, chargers, and headphones. It’s always good to carry a charger or battery pack for times when your phone dies on you.

Lotion + Hand sanitizer

Source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz

Lotion or hand cream is essential for the winter season. Skin tends to get rough and patchy and needs extra moisturization. Sanitizer is a given because…germs.


Source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz

It’s good to carry fragrance in your bag – you can choose to go with a full bottle or a travel sized one. Spritz some on your wrist and neck and you’re ready to go.

Snacks + Medicine

Source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz

Emergency snacks are a must – you never know when you’re going to get hungry and need a little pick-me-up. Pain meds are also very important for that occasional headache or when it’s that time of the month.


Source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz

There are two types of people in this world – those that always have tissues in their bag and those who do not. I definitely belong to the first group. You can always count on me if you have a cold.

Facial Spray

Source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz

A facial spray will really change your life for the better. You can use it as a primer, setting spray, or even spray it in your hair for a beachy texture.

A Good Book

Source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz

Even though our phones have become our source of news and we scroll through social media when we’re bored, it’s always nice to read a good ole book. Keep a book in your bag for your commute, if you’re waiting in line or in a waiting room.


Source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz

Bad breath is a turnoff in any situation. Always keep mints or gum in your purse.

Makeup bag

Source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz

I always keep a stash of emergency makeup products in my bag. Basic products to touch up, as well as safety pins, bobby pins, and an extra hair tie.

Blotting papers

Source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz

These absorbent little sheets help you freshen up and are an elegant way to wipe away excess shine, oil, or even sweat on your brow, cheeks, and upper lip.

Water bottle

Source: Kashaf / MangoBaaz

I never leave my house without water. A good quality BPO free water bottle is essential for keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day. Plastic bottles are terrible for the environment, so invest in a water bottle!


What’s in YOUR bag?


cover image via: Kashaf / MangoBaaz

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