A Man Hijacked a Plane for His Ex-Wife and the Internet Went Wild

By Haadia Paracha | 30 Mar, 2016

A lovestruck husband decided desperate times called for desperate measures. His wife had left him, moved to a different country. It was time to take matters in his own hand and so, he thought of a rather unconventional grand romantic gesture to get his ex-wife back.


He decided to… ummm…. HIJACK A PLANE


That’s right.

Ibrahim Samaha, a full-time university professor and part-time hopeless romantic, hijacked the plane en route Cairo, claiming he had a suicide vest on.

He probably took inspiration from these other extreme lovers:


He thought of this brilliant plan and full-on executed it as he walked in undetected aboard an Egypt Air aircraft.


Women all around the world told their bae:


As details later unveiled, the man wanted to deliver a letter to the love of his life.


Maybe he didn’t know you could send messages through a kabootar


Or the good ol’ paper plane


A Bollywood director somewhere is definitely getting excited

Syed Noor would probably take credit for this one, too.


The question is…


All the majnoos have a new bar to meet now


Guess everything is fair in love and well, creepy obsessions.

Source: Giphy


Word of advice boys, honestly, don’t try this at home.

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