Here's What Pakistani Celebrities Have Said Since The Kashmir Incident

By Arslan Athar | 20 Feb, 2019

Pakistani Celebrities aren’t staying quiet about all the hate Pakistan is getting.


Following an attack in Pulwama, India and Pakistan have entered a pretty tense stage of their relationship. India lays the blame for the attack on Pakistan and even threatened retaliation while Pakistan responded with an appeal for dialogue.

As a result of the tension, some in Bollywood have taken to extreme measures to block out Pakistan and Pakistani talent. Salman Khan is removing songs by Pakistani musicians from his films and T-Series has taken down songs by Pakistanis too. Other actors have also given shocking statements, from Kangana Ranaut to Anupam Kher.

As always the first target in such situations has been the film industry.

Here’s what Pakistani celebrities have said following the degradation of ties between India and Pakistan.


TV actor Aamir Qureshi called for the entertainment industry to be wiser with its words.


Armeena Khan spoke out against keyboard jihadis on both sides of the border.


She also called out the BBC for their take on PM Imran’s statement yesterday. 


Samina Peerzada advocated for peace. 


Shaan fully supported Imran Khan and his stance. 


He also had an exchange of tweets with Indian poet, Javed Akhtar


How can we forget Hamza Ali Abbasi? 


Gohar Rasheed did not hold back!


Even model, Rabia Butt viciously responded to Kangana’s statement.


She also savagely responded to a troll who called her ‘deaf and dumb’ for her tweet about Kangana.


Mawra Hocane gave a very dignified response to a tweet during her #AskMawra sessions. 

Actor and singer, Haroon Shahid also added his voice into the mix. 


Feroze Khan quoted the Quaid, making his stance on the matter very clear.


A lot of celebrities haven’t explicitly said anything yet, however, have been seen retweeting Imran Khan’s speech, meaning that they are in line with the general sentiment. It is, generally, refreshing to see that our celebrities have responded to this incident with grace and haven’t spewed hate back towards India.

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