Here's How Pakistani A Levels Students Are Dragging Cambridge After Their Shocking Results

By Noor | 12 Aug, 2020

A level students across Pakistan demand that Cambridge review their results

The ongoing pandemic has adversely affected the normal lives of all the individuals across the globe. So, one of the sectors which have been heavily impacted is the education sector which had to revamp the entire teaching methodologies and also had to revise the already placed standards for grading the kids. One such sector that the pandemic is wrecking havoc on is the education system in Pakistan. A levels students are particularly affected after their disappointing results.


A Levels students across Pakistan are disappointed with Cambridge for their unexpected CIE results



The new methodology to calculate the grades has been criticized by A level students who received their Cambridge results recently

They basically asserted that they can not figure out the way Cambridge has assessed their performance in a certain subject.


A lot of them joked about the way the Cambridge students had been ditched by their board


The infuriated students could NOT really stop themselves from expressing their anger


A few even suggested that Cambridge had used a random letter generator to assign the grades to the kids


There were students who highlighted the similar discrepancy in the results generated by the tje local intermediate board, as well

They also went on to draw a comparison between the Cambridge and FSC students by stating that this is the first time that the CIE kids have experienced the same amount of uncertainty and unpredictability regarding their grades.


A few teachers also called out the Cambridge body by stating that it has committed an academic crime in the name of predicted grades


The students along with many others bombarded social media with memes demanding a re-evaluation into the grading


While a lot of students were expressing their anger over the CIE issue, there were students who said that this result has motivated them to give their best in the October/November session

Do you think the students have unfairly marked and the grades assigned are not a true reflection of their performance? Let us know in the comments below.


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