Here's How I’ve Been Spending Time In Lockdown Productively & You Can Do It Too

By Sana Yasmeen | 21 Apr, 2020

Your time in lockdown doesn’t have to be lazy or boring

Being stuck in our homes with only our phones, the Internet and just our peace of mind is a dream come true and a much-needed escape for many of us. However, Now that we are stuck within our ‘escape’, It seems hard to get through the day. Much to everybody’s relief, we have made a list of all the things you can do and enjoy while being stuck in your homes.


First of all, dust out an old diary or a notebook and start making a plan

Yes, you may be stuck at home but this is even more important that you don’t let this make your day a random, lazy, long weird thing where you don’t understand ke kab din shuru hua or kab raat hogayi. So, get organized, plan your day, set up tasts, make a to-do list, make slots for work to do, make a bullet journal or basically whatever works for you. Do what you think can help you stay organized mentally and physically so you can have a productive day of quarantining.



Sanitize your Ludo boards and Uno cards because now your time in lockdown is when to take these bad boys out

What better time than this to bond with your family and ‘playfully’ fight over a game of Ludo or Uno?



See if you can manage to grow an actual garden

Pull up your sleeves and get creative with the endless possibilities of ‘DIY’ planting… Now you’ve got yourself a hobby and a way to be closer to the greens. Given that the times are getting tough for us all, learning to grow a few important vegetables for daily use, at home, could be helpful, even if just a little bit.



Take a trip down your childhood while got lots of time in lockdown

Sneak your favorite color pencils or crayons out of your younger siblings’ pouches and relive the giggles of your childhood or maybe order some online (just remember to sanitize what you get). What better time than this to let yourself be immersed in creativity and coloring outside the lines. It’s not as if you’ve gotta get a star on it.



Strengthen your bond with your parents and listen to all the stories of their times they have to tell

Get to know your parents and grandparents more by probing into their early lives and listening to stories that seem nothing short of excitement and cuteness!

Source: IRK Films


Unwind with books and finish up all the reading lists that you had made for yourself but never got around to actually reading anything

Whether it be ‘Humera Ahmad’ or ‘Paulo Coelho’, Books sure can lead us to a world of adventures and excitement. So snuggle up in your beds with a good cup of chai and your favorite book to get through the day. Here are some ideas for books that you can finish in just one day.



Make time in lockdown for literal ‘Netflix and chill’ that you so longed for

From the plenty of choices available, Get tuned in with your preferred ones and live the ultimate ‘Netflix and chill’.



Or if you want to impress your mother (or future mother in law), try getting your gol rotis right

Making rotis are a not-so-favorite-but-inevitable part of being a member of a desi family so might as well use this quarantine time to learn to make some. Here’s a perfect gol roti tutorial for boys, but girls can use it too.



Change up your look while you’ve got time in lockdown

Get super creative about your hairstyle or makeup or “look” using online tutorials and some of your own hand-eye coordination. Even if it turns out bad, what do you have to lose? Bahar toh jana nahi kuch maheenay.

Pakistani Bazaars
Source: IRK FIlms


Journaling can make a positive difference to your time in lockdown

Pen down your thoughts and emotions for a clear mind and see how this daily habit leaves a positive impact on you. Who knows, you might end up writing the next Harry Potter in this lockdown?



Another way to be productive while killing your boredom is to try and learn a new language

Apps such as Duolingo offer a variety of language learning options that you can try and work on so you can impress your friends once the quarantine is over.



Get yourself some decor inspiration and get working on ways to transform your room

Transform your room with fairy lights, polaroids and lots of creativity to get yourself a cozy place to spend all your quarantine in.



Gather your friends and enjoy a good time during these online multiplayer games to spend time in lockdown having fun

One way to get your time to pass is to get your friends in a video call while you try out fun games with them on the internet., Ludo Star and Fortnite are just a few of the online games you can play to pass your time.



Above all, take all this time in lockdown to focus and care for your mental health and enjoy the much-needed break you so deserve

The abundance of free time does not come every day so take this time to focus on your mental health and work towards improving the quality of your thoughts and cognition. Let go and relax.


So, that was your detailed list of things to do while stuck at quarantine. Yes, these ideas aren’t exactly groundbreaking and you might have read similar ones or heard about them in many other places but sometimes it’s the simple things that can make it a great time to learn to be more productive in your life.

Take care of yourself, stay safe, stay away and stay inside.



Cover image via Joe St.Pierre Photography

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