Here Are The Most Savage Jokes Pakistanis Are Making On Danish Giving A Thappar To Shahwar In ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho'

By Anoosha Rehan | 25 Nov, 2019

Danish ne Shahwar ko di aik iconic chappair

The episode of ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho‘ that aired this week was met with immense love and appreciation from Danish’s fans. His days of patience were finally over when he made a dramatic entry into Shahwar’s office and beat the hell out of him, in front of his employees. Needless to say, fans of Danish and Roomi are on cloud nine after the intense scene. The internet swarmed with memes, and Shahwar had it coming. Here are the top memes after the iconic thappar.


1. Danish is to Shahwar what life is to me


2. Every student ever..


3. Fans felt a little too much for Danish after he slapped Shahwar


4. Team Danish, come closer


5. The only time Danish suited up was to beat the hell out of Shahwar


6. Coach Misbah was dragged in the meme war too


7. And umm… this Danish and Shahwar meeting was turned into a very different kind of meeting as well


8. Desi ammi memes have to make their customary appearance as well


9. The perpetual Dhania Podina confusion was brought up


10. And the government wasn’t safe either

To be honest, this one’s a pretty accurate representation of the economic situation these days and whatever your political affiliation, you aren’t unaffected by the downward trending halaat.


11. Remember that iconic meme of Batman slapping Robin? Well comparisons were drawn to that as well

Slap to be remembered and cherished for the century, of course.


12. Louder!


13. People also remembered the hilarious Momin Saqib when Danish and Shahwar turned things around in this episode


14. The classic phupho khala wars


15. Danish and Shahwar’s scene was felt by students all around the country


16. Best of the best


17. Aur finally, kaisa diya Danish ne Shahwar ko

After such an iconic episode, these memes are a treat. We are living for all the memes that come pouring in right after the episode airs. Which is your favorite meme? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via: Six Sigma Plus / @AliRaza46320495 via Twitter

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