Here Are The Best Alternative Curse Words To Use This Ramazan When You Can't Say The Actual Gaali

By Biya Haq | 4 Jun, 2018

This one’s for all those who can’t live without their curse words

With Ramazan everyone tries to do good and be a good person. However, the training and comfort you have been a nasty person for the rest of the year isn’t easy to shed off. Seeing all this and being in the middle of Ramazan and all, it’s the best way to keep ourselves entertained. Which is why the hashtag, ‘#Alternative Curse Words’ has been trending on Twitter and it is the BEST thing EVER.


Here are the most interesting alternative curse words that you probably can use during Ramazan

The trend outlined a number of safety words, all alternatives to actual swear words and it is the PERFECT thing for this Ramazan.

Especially since we are all great Muslims who (try) and abstain from cursing, sometimes it’s nice to have a little release every once in a while.

Okay, maybe not the MOST Ramazan friendly curse words but they aren’t as bad as their actual ones would be


Source: Reactiongifs


This one actually makes sense this time

Using this one a ton now that load shedding seems to be back…


One of the worst curse words we will ever know, even though it isn’t actually a curse word is:





Here’s an alternative for when you can’t say the F word

Money money money ~

Source: @thaliadejong Via Giphy





And when you can’t do your usual misogynistic maa behn ki gaali you can curse the whole fam. Love it.


Haye, biscuits…


SHOUT OUT TO ALL ‘THE OFFICE’ FAAAAAAAANS who also have a vocabulary full of curse words

This is the actual worst curse word. Ever.

Source: NBC


And finally, one of the most popular alternative curse words would be:

What did you think of using alternative curse words? What curse word would you make up? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.


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