Here Are Some Of The Most WTF Theories About The Final Season Of ‘Game Of Thrones'

By Arslan Athar | 11 Apr, 2019

‘Game of Thrones’ last season is about to start and emotions all over the world are on an all-time high. Fans are clearly not ready for the show to end. A major point of discussion is how the show will end, are we going to see more deaths, and who is finally going to sit on the Iron Throne? Just so so many questions!

While waiting for the new season, fans have been cooking up some theories and here’s a complete list to all the ones you should be looking out for.

1. Gendry has Targaryen blood, meaning he can ride Daenerys’ Dragons. 

Gendry is a Baratheon, however, there is a reoccurring theory that he does have Targaryen blood. This information can help explain a prophecy from the show- “When the hammer shall fall upon the dragon a new king shall arise, and none shall stand before him”. Gendry can definitely forge a Valyrian steel hammer, kill the undead Viserion and allow a new king to rise.

Source: HBO


2. Cersei Lannister will give the Night King her unborn child in exchange for letting her sit on the Iron Throne.

Cersei is a boss ass bitch- she has power on her mind and will do anything to keep it forever. According to many fans, she might even give up her child to stay Queen.

Source: HBO


3. Jamie will kill Cersei. 

Cersei’s childhood prophecy has, for the most part, come true. There are currently two loose ends that stand in the way- the new pregnancy, and the fact that ‘her younger brother will kill her’. Many take this to be Tyrion, however, the last season showed a lot of tension between Jamie and Cersei, so chances are Jamie would be doing the deed.

Source: HBO


4. Tyrion might be a Targaryen. 

You read that right! It has been theorized that the mad King Aerys Targaryen had an affair with Tyrion’s mother, Joanna. Many believe that this is why his father despised him so much and even said ‘You’re not my son’ right before Tyrion shot an arrow at him.

Source: HBO


5. Jon Snow is the Azor Ahai: The Prince Who Was Promised.

Mellisandra’s prophecy about the Azor Ahai points to Jon Snow, and fans are pretty convinced that it is him, although it has been clarified in the show that the Valyrian word for Prince is not gender conforming, so it would very well be Daenerys.

Source: HBO


6. If Jon is the Azor Ahai, he might have to kill Daenerys. 

As the prophecy states, the Prince has to kill his beloved, his Nissa Nissa, to defeat the ‘darkness’. The great sword, Lightbringer’s powers can only be realized if the Azor Ahai makes a great sacrifice. Yikes.

Source: HBO


7. Humans and White Walkers will forge a treaty to bring about peace. 

This theory is a bit complicated and intense. According to this, the 13th Lord Commander married a White Walker woman to ‘keep the peace’ in all the Kingdoms and had a Treaty. Furthermore, the Treaty says that every few generations of the Stark family need to lead the Night’s Watch, as well as marry an ‘Other’ woman and give their children to the Walkers. This Treaty was broken by humans.

A lot of people believe that the onus to keep this treaty going is on Jon and Dany, making them the Prince/Princess that was promised. This means that Daenerys would become a Walker and Jon would go back to his post on the Night’s Watch. They would come to symbolize the balance of fire and ice, thus setting into place the balance of the two worlds.

Source: HBO


What theory could you totally see happening and which do you not? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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