Here's What Game Of Thrones Would Have Been Like If It Were Set In Pakistan

By Sarah Babar | 21 Aug, 2017

¬†WARNING: Spoilers are coming, so don’t continue if you aren’t caught up on the show yet¬†

Game of Thrones is literally the most watched show in the world right now, and the fan base doesn’t get any smaller when it comes to Pakistan. So what if we took Game of Thrones and made it more relevant to the Pakistani audience? What if…Game of Thrones actually¬†was¬†set in Pakistan? Well, here it is. Our take on the multi-million dollar show being set in our beautiful, beautiful country. You’re welcome by the way.


Daenerys Targaryen, first of her name, Queen of Cholistan, breaker of rules:

Daenerys’ in-laws would have made her make food for the whole Dothraki clan. Dothraki would be known as a violent caste, but it’s okay –¬† Uska bhai majboor tha.¬†¬†And as she’s living in a joint family system with the entire Khalasar, the workload obviously multiplies by a couple hundred.


Tyrion Lannister

Had Tyrion been in Pakistan, and faced all that he did at the hands of his family, he would have gotten married and gotten out of the joint family system. Getting away from his plotting sister,¬†pyaar mein andha bhai, aur ta’aney dene waley waalid saahib,¬†would have been the best feeling in the world. Also, if he gets away from the family, he wouldn’t have any debts left to pay.


Cersei Lannister

Bechaari, she still wouldn’t be monumentally different because she would be forced to make an arranged marriage work.¬†Goroun ki Aunty Farida (wohi Humsafar mein Khirad ki saas)¬†upne bachoun ke liye Khirad ko Ashar ke gher se bhi nikal sakti hain!


Jaime Lannister

Due to his unfading good looks and personal swagger, he would most probably be an actor like Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saaed. You know, the ones who are in denial about their age and just keep going on? Yes, those types.


Sansa Stark

She would often be scolded for talking back to her father and her elder brother and would be considered unlucky because of two failed shaadis.


Arya Stark

Arya would have been labeled as a mai-munda and would be friends with all the boys. She would also be ostracized for being a feminist.


Bran Stark

Bran would always be advised to go to a vocational training institute to learn how to do things without ‘going on a limb’ (acha¬†sorry bad joke). He would also be called a black magic expert because he talks to kawwe!


Jon Snow

Jon would have possibly been a tour guide in Hunza, because, you know… Snow. But he would still know nothing, so it’s best you have 4G and Google with you at all times.


Littlefinger/Petyr Baelish

Ew, Baelish would be the creepy uncle at shaadis who gives you too much pyaar and makes videos of everything. You know, the ones who shows young girls a little too much affection and physical appreciation.


Lord Varys

Varys would be the ultimate committee party ki jaan, who would know all the scoop. All other aunties would always be calling him to know about doosroun ke betay betiyaan.


Olenna Tyrell

She would definitely be the daadi who only gives 100 rs in Eidi and has made your mother’s life a living hell, but she’s¬†dil ki achi¬†and she will always look ¬†out for you! Stern on the outside, soft on the inside.


What else do you think the show would be like if Game Of Thrones was set in Pakistan?

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