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Here’s How You Need To Stay Safe During This Sudden Heatwave In Karachi

Here’s How You Need To Stay Safe During This Sudden Heatwave In Karachi

As we all know, Karachi is expected to experience a heatwave all the way till Friday.

The 2015 heatwave resulted in nearly 2000 casualties. 


Countless animals passed away in the process as well. No one was truly prepared for the rising temperatures. Which is why, this time around, it’s better to know what you can do to stay safe and how you can help during this heatwave. Here are a few ways:

Stay hydrated. 

Drink a whole lot of water – more than you usually would – to ensure that you’re not dehydrated at any point in time.

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Keep extra bottles of water with you.

You never know when you’ll need them. Always keep extra bottles of water on you in case you’re stuck in traffic and start feeling dehydrated.


Don’t hesitate in passing out bottles of water to people you see working in the heat.

If you’ve got extra bottles on you, don’t hesitate in distributing them to traffic policemen or laborers you see on the road. A little kindness goes a long way. Moreover, given the casualties, we had last time, that bottle of water could be what saves someone at the end of the day.


Lay off fluids that don’t really help. 

Despite your immense love for coffee and chai, do not use these to hydrate yourself. It’s actually advisable to stay away from caffeinated fluids.


Avoid going out during peak heat hours. 

According to WWF-Pakistan, you should avoid going out between 11 am and 3 pm, as those are the hottest points during the day.


Wear loose-fitting, lightweight clothes.

This one’s pretty obvious. Wear clothes jin main zyada garmi na lagey. 


Load up on the sunscreen. 

To avoid sunburns, stock up on the sunscreen. Seriously, don’t leave the house without it. Protect your skin at all costs. And if you can, share it with others who don’t have any on.

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Educate yourself on what a heatstroke is and how it’s caused.

It’s important to know what a heatstroke is and what the causes behind it are. Here’s a simple explanation:

Source: Mayo Clinic

Know the signs and symptoms of a heatstroke for easier identification.

Here are a few key signs and symptoms that you can keep in mind:


Keep the number of your preferred hospital or ambulance service on speed dial.

You never know what can happen when – either to a loved one or even someone around you. Instead of fumbling around in a panicked state, keep the numbers of emergency services on speed dial.


Don’t turn a blind eye towards someone who’s very obviously in distress due to the heat.

If you see someone who’s very obviously in distress, do not hesitate to help them out. You calling emergency services on time or giving someone water could be the difference between life and death for that individual.


Try to leave bowls of water outside your houses for animals and birds that may desperately need water.

Think about the animals and birds who suffer during a heatwave as well. Leave some water out under some shade so that they may hydrate themselves when necessary.


Try to understand why temperatures are rising and how you play a part in it.

Climate change plays a huge role in rising temperatures. Moreover, heatwaves are actually a sign of global warming. As reported by The Guardian, climate change will cause heatwaves in areas across South Asia that will also end up killing healthy individuals. And we play a huge role in the contribution towards climate change and global warming. You can read about how that’s done here. Moreover, you can head here and here to see how that’s already impacting our country.


Finally, know what you can do to help bring about a positive change. 

The first step would be to acknowledge that we’re actually damaging our environment in countless ways. Once we’re willing to admit this, we can start working on long-term solutions. One long-term solution suggested by WWF-Pakistan is the plantation of indigenous species of trees that will help the environment. The following is a list of trees that can be planted in our homes and neighborhoods:


This time around, let’s try to stay safe and keep others around us safe as well. If you know of more ways to combat the heatwave, share them with us below in the comments.


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