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19 Times Hasnain Lehri Was DEFINITELY Not Safe For Ramazan

19 Times Hasnain Lehri Was DEFINITELY Not Safe For Ramazan

Pakistani model Hasnain Lehri is like one of those Grecian sculptures you find in museums. There’s no denying that, and you know I’m right. He’s so beautiful, it actually hurts my soul, with his physical features being a bestowment upon us mortals from the heavens above. There’s really no specific part of his face that stands out, every feature is the epitome of perfection; his eyes, his beautifully carved nose and cheekbones, and don’t even get me started on that beard of his.


Source: @hasnainlehri/Instagram

So we’re not JUST focusing on his pictures today, folks – instead we’re going to showcase his best mini feature films for various brands that legit look like teasers for an Indie or a Black Noir films


Source: NBC


Let’s start off with this sweet boomerang of a gorgeous Hasnain soaking up the Northern areas


Please someone cast him in a movie, please (here a quick little grab of his ad with Rabia Butt)

Source: @abdullahharisfilms/Instagram


Next up, this mini feature with his striking silhouette in the backdrop as he travels like a gypsy around magical Istanbul as classical music plays in the backdrop


The model’s a favorite for everyone, and you can’t really blame anyone because I mean, look at his face…

This little teaser giving us a snippet of an on-screen relationship between him and fellow model Rabia Butt for ‘Elan.’


Oh hi, how did this get in here

Source: @hasnainlehri/Instagram


What’s better than Hasnain in slow motion? Absolutely nothing…you’re welcome


Source: BBC Television Centre


How can we forget Hadiqa Kiani’s epic video with Hasnain as the kernel, mother have mercy whenever he wears a sherwani


For those that don’t know, Hasnain is famous photographer Abdullah Haris’s muse…

Source: @abdullahharisfilms/Instagram


…Where we saw a 70s Hasnain who just looked like a dream

So, freaking VINTAGE. This should be framed. This NEEDS TO BE FRAMED.

Source: @hasnainlehri/Instagram


Mother have mercy

Source: @hasnainlehri/Instagram


(Sorry not sorry)

Source: HBO

And here are more slow-motion snippets of a dramatic Hasnain running to actress Hania Aamir for ‘Bonanza’


Source: The CW


Ali Xeeshan’s famous campaign on opression against women made waves across the country, with the Pakistani model of course being part of the revolutionary campaign (that lock is hot, sorry not sorry)


Source: FOX


He can mold himself into pretty much anything and everything, he’s a pro guys (still looking hot AF in whatever he dips his toes into)

Source: @hasnainlehri/Instagram


More slow motion by the way, and why can’t he hold me like that *sighing for eternity*


My personal favorite photo-shoot of his garnered tremendous controversy, but while others saw vulgarity, I saw an intimate series of art in its purest form between a couple

Source: @hasnainlehri/Instagram


Source: @hasnainlehri/Instagram


Source: @hasnainlehri/Instagram


Source: @hasnainlehri/Instagram


Source: Walt Disney Pictures

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