This is What Happened After a Woman was Forced to Take off Her Hijab in the USA

By Haadia Paracha | 28 Mar, 2016

So, this is what happened.

Why, you ask? Because…

And because.


Thanks to @JessicaRaven from @SafespacesDC,  Protesters took the streets outside of Shaw Library in Washington D.C. to denounce prejudice, hate speech and rampant Islamophobia.


Led by Muslims based in D.C. area and women of color, scores of protesters from multiple ethnicities and religious beliefs joined in to support and champion the cause.

There is a dire need to create safe, inclusive public spaces for all.



Your choice of clothing should not be subject to prejudice.


The cop who asked the woman to remove her hijab or leave the library thought she had been wearing a hoodie. But, why does that make any difference?


Reading at a public space provided by the Government should be free from discrimination.

How cute is this little munchkin, though?

Face Throwing a Kiss on Google Android 6.0.1


As Trump takes the center stage in American politics, more and more common Americans are standing up against racial stereotyping and profiling of non-white counterparts. Muslims and people of color face struggles that are inter-sectional, with movements such as #BlackLivesMatter and #youaintnomuslimbruv, these struggles are becoming part of the global narrative.

Here’s to a more tolerant global society, because we really need it, now. Desperately.

Cover Image: Politico

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