Hamza Ali Abbasi Just Went OFF On Reham Khan On Live TV And It Was Absolutely Brutal

By Biya Haq | 4 Jun, 2018

Clearly, we’ve seen that Hamza Ali Abbasi has a bit of a soft spot for Reham Khan.

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In a not-so-soft sense.

In the past couple of days, the animosity between Imran Khan’s ex-wife and longtime Imran Khan defender, Hamza Ali Abbasi was at an all-time high when the two put on quite a show on Twitter.

And just as we thought we had seen the worst of it,

We thought wrong.

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Along with PTI member and singer, Salman Ahmed, Hamza Ali Abbasi took to ARY news to “publicly read the filth Reham has written.” In under an hour he, well, how do we put this delicately, Hamza Ali Abbasi basically went on live TV to publicly take a giant shit on Reham Khan.

And friends, if you saw the transmission, you know that he did little to no holding back.

It’s no secret that Reham Khan’s book, ‘Reham Khan’ is gearing up to be quite the page-turner. With insights on Imran, Wasim Akram and even a number of PTI members, suffice to say it has people shaking in their boots, either with anxiety or excitement.

Clearly, for Abbasi, who was reading from excerpts of the book, it seemed to be rage – a ton of rage.

They started bashing with accusing Reham of being fame-hungry, essentially a social climber (with Salman Ahmed being one of the rings on the ladder) and of course, using Imran Khan’s money for her own personal expenses.

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The two said that Reham was addicted to fame, power and wealth and had to allegedly sign a contract with Imran, surrendering her greed of his wealth.

Of course, as the hosts on the show kept pressing for specifics and names, the two seemed a bit dodgy with their replies.

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Lol, okay.

According to a reading from her book, Reham had also revealed that a number of actors also have connections to members of intelligence agencies.


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Now, you also may have been wondering why the FRICK Salman Ahmed was in on this interview. It seemed as though Salman had his own bone to pick with Khan as well. In fact, just a day ago, Salman, who is also a PTI member, confessed in an article done by GEO TV, that Reham had actually borrowed a large sum of money from PML-N to write her book.

It seemed that the singer was accusing Reham of using him to get to Imran Khan through an interview, which eventually led to their marriage.

So, Salman Ahmed is basically responsible for all of this shit?

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Suffice to say, the entire thing was a complete shit show and for those of you who were able to watch it, let us know if your heads have stopped spinning.

According to these reactions on Twitter, it seems as if others may feel the same way and couldn’t help but tweet out their comments throughout the broadcast.



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Looks like this is bigger than we thought.

Friends, trust us when we say there was A LOT more where all of that came from and as we said and as we clearly saw, Abbasi and Ahmed did not hold back from tearing Reham apart.

However, whatever their motive, Reham, and her book are day by day receiving more and more publicity, whether it’s good or bad.

The book isn’t even out yet and it’s already got the attention of the entire nation.

We’re not sure what’s going to happen when it’s finally out, but suffice to say, it’s going to be a big deal.

What did you think of the show? Of Hamza? Salman? Do you think they were right in any capacity? Or just spewing hate towards Reham to drown her book in the dumps. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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