Guys, Here Are 11 Honest AF Reasons Why You're Still Single

By Mubasshir Ijaz | 7 Apr, 2019

Are you still single, boys?

Guys, I can not stress this enough. Good looks do not automatically make you good with women. I mean it certainly helps to look great and be well-groomed but, to capture the heart of someone for a meaningful relationship, you have to do more than just sport rock-hard abs and a chiseled jaw-line.

People might regularly tell you how cute or good-looking you are, but at the same time, if you cannot find someone to be with, I can help you pinpoint why you may still be single:


1. You’re still single because you are obsessing over how you look

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It’s true that some women will only accept a very good looking guy for a boyfriend, lover or husband. However, a lot of women have what I like to call an “Open Type,” which means they are open to being with many different types of guys (in terms of looks, race, financial status, height, weight, etc) as long as the guy can make her feel attracted and drawn to him in other ways. For instance, humor is great, as is charm.


2. You’re peacocking too much

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Right now, you’re young and you have a lot of energy. You want to show girls that you’re great. But, when you overdo this, it becomes highly unattractive. So, you have to be subtle about your success and qualities. Otherwise, you’ll just come off as weird or show-offy.


3. You’re still single because you’re focusing too much on what you appear on the outside than what’s on the inside

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You might be benching a 100 kilos every day but if you’re emotionally and mentally shallow, she will not see anything of value in you. If you’re trying to be a long-run type of guy, or even a guy who wants to be around women, you gotta grow emotionally, bro.


4. Your conversational skills are poor and that can be a cause for why you’re still single

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Being good-looking will help you out in initiating a conversation but it won’t help you in keeping the banter alive. You have to read up to keep up, boys. Knowledge is power because it helps you improve your conversation and arguments. And, again, if you can make her laugh, it’ll help.


5. You tend to slack off in the hygiene department

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Sorry guys but no – you do not look cool in baggy pants and messed up hair. Paying attention to your hygiene and sense of grooming can do wonders.


6. Another reason for why you’re still single could be that you don’t carry yourself well enough

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You need to be confident in order for the other person to see all the good things you bring to the table. Don’t be nervous and take care of yourself. Proper posture and the right clothes can do you wonders.


7. You brag about yourself too much instead of listening and that can be a big reason for being still single

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Focus on her. Women often only share their memories, dreams, and intimate details with people they care about. So, when she talks about these things, keep the conversation focused on her at all times.


8. You’re too shy to approach women

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You cannot expect women to fawn over you just because you’re handsome. You have to make an effort and make the first move. I know the pressure and expectations from men are high about initiating a relationship but that’s the world we live in, so better get used to it.


9. You don’t express your true feelings and keep waiting for a miracle that your lady understands whatever you want to express without you sharing it

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Hardly any girl would express her feelings for you if you keep giving her mixed signals. You have to go for it. Just take the leap. You might fall but hey, maybe she will too?


10. You come off as a player and that can cause you to be single forever

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Listen, if all the girls think you’re a fuckboy or something, they’re going to be put off by you. Even if you’re actually not, the vibe is enough. Maybe work on that. Are you leading women on? Are you being unfair to women? Do you make people trust you less? Think about it.


11. You are selfish about what it means to be in a relationship

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Most men tend to be more inclined towards beauty, among other things, when picking a partner. Women, on the other hand, tend to look for qualities such as honesty, faithfulness, humor, intelligence, and ambition. Stop only thinking about what YOU think a woman will like and get with the program.

So that’s it, boys, I hope you pick up a few useful points that could help your dating life. As for now, this is all the advice I have for you. Good luck.


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