Gurfateh Pirzada Spoke To Us About Being Compared To Ahad Raza Mir. Here's What He Said

By Anoosha Rehan | 7 Mar, 2021

Gurfateh Singh Pirzada is a Bollywood actor who played a phenomenal part in a Netflix movie alongside Kiara Advani called “Guilty” that was released last year in March. He played the role of Vijay, affectionately called VJ. Gurfateh has officially joined Karan Johar’s Dharma Cornerstone Agency as well. Interestingly, his uncanny resemblance with Ahad Raza Mir has definitely not gone unnoticed.

Sajeer Shaikh from MangoBaaz was able to interview Gurfateh from “Guilty” and here’s what he revealed.

Gurtafeh started with addressing the elephant in the room and spilled beans on being compared to Ahad Raza Mir.

Upon addressing the “situation,” the actor revealed that he loved Pakistani dramas and actors. He further shared how he had done some advertisements for Pakistan in Bangkok in the past. Gurfateh expressed his and his mother’s love for Pakistani dramas and that he was just watching one.

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About his comparison with Ahad, Gurfateh Pirzada revealed that he receives a lot of messages and he already knew this was the first question that would come up.

He said that it was fine and that he was not offended by it in any capacity. He further went on to say that he had not seen a lot of Ahad’s work but he is a good actor and that he liked being compared to him.

The Bollywood actor also expressed his wish to work with Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan

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He said he loved Mahira Khan and shared a sweet little story. At his set, the actor had the same stylist as Mahira did in Raees. Taking the opportunity, Gurfateh requested his stylist to send a message to Mahira Khan on his behalf about how him being a new actor was in love with her. Mahira responded back by sending a sweet message that bowled over Gurfateh.

He also expressed his immense love for Humsafar.

Gurfateh shared that he was a huge Humsafar and that he had watched the drama over ten times. He shared how he always watched it whenever he wants to go on an emotional journey and wants to cry his eyes out. This has further made him fall in love with Mahira and Fawad!

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Gurfateh Pirzada shared his take on trolling culture as well

While answering how the actor dealt with negative comments and trolling, he shared that he simply did not. He went on to say, “Logoun ka kaam boulna hai,” and that we also say quite a lot about others. He said it was best to ignore them and move on. Upon answering another question about his thoughts on trolls, he sweetly said, “More love to them because they need it!”

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Gurfateh Pirzada shared some advice as well and preached about being a kinder human being. 

The Bollywood actor told Sajeer at MangoBaaz that the driving force in his life was his mother who always keeps pushing him to do better. Another driving force is his strong willingness to answer some people through his success.

“A lot of things are gonna happen,” Gurfateh stated, “but don’t get attached to it – as long as your success and failures don’t define you, you’re going to be happy.”

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Gurfateh Pirzada further expressed his wish to learn Urdu.

He also shared his love for Momina Mustehsan and how pretty he found her after watching her music video of Afreen Afreen. 

Upon answering what about acting got him excited and motivated, Gurfateh mentioned that it is freeing to be able to hide in a character. Acting allowed him to express himself freer and he could get rid of emotions and blockage without being judged. He has done a movie with Alia and Ranbir which is yet to be released and wishes to work with Deepika next.

It was a delight to get insight into such a thoughtful and humble Bollywood actor. You can watch the full interview here:



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