Grant Elliot And Danny Morrison Dancing For Lahore Will Make You Want To Move It Move It

By Sarah Babar | 5 Oct, 2017

Pakistanis love cricket. That’s one thing that’s established. Whenever there is a match going on, we absolutely lose our shit, and when Pakistan’s own Cricket league, Pakistan Super League, was announced fans of the sport rejoiced all over the country. Now that the second spell of the league is over, alliances are even stronger now.


In preparation for the next season of PSL, Lahore Qalandars held a talent hunt

Over 300,000 players registered themselves from all over the country out of which around 160,000 were selected to play for the 8 teams to play against each other in the tournament.


Over time, we’ve all developed affection and love for players and teams, whether local or international in the Pakistan Super League. When international players come and play on your own home ground, it’s another feeling of pride, altogether. And we’ve obviously got our allegiances, too.


And Grant Elliot danced to the beat of the dhol, while stealing everyone’s hearts

He’s definitely one of our favorite PSL-ers, especially after his iconic bat-drop for Lahore Qalandars.

Source: Pakistan Super League

Remember this bat drop?


And Danny Morrison is definitely one of our favorite commentators for cricket

Source: Pakistan Television Network


So what happens when the two get together and shake a leg at the inaugural ceremony of the tournament? It results in the party we all wish we were invited to, as well

Source: GEO Network


Look at Danny going crazy

Source: GEO Network


And Grant giving us a good ol’ desi shimmy

Source: Cricket Fever / YouTube


Here it is from another angle

Source: Mitha Butt / YouTube


Besides, Grant is mad cute, but that’s a conversation for another day

Source: Pakistan Super League


Also, we can’t get over how skilled a dancer Danny Morrison really is

Source: Mitha Butt / YouTube


Literally putting us and our mehndi dances all to shame

Source: Mitha Butt / YouTube


Grant went full Lahori, screaming his team’s chant into the mic like it’s nobody’s business

Source: Jef TV . YouTube


And this is how the two made us feel

Source: Pakistan Super League


People also seemed to love these two men


However they expressed it


And yes, we all agree


We’re just so happy that professional cricket is here to stay in Pakistan and with seasoned and upcoming cricket geniuses, we’re bound to reach all the places domestic cricket in Pakistan is going! What do you think of the adorable desi display that our two goras from Pakistan Super League put up?

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