These Goras Tried Pakistani Snacks And Fell In Love With Them, Obviously

By Hurmat Riaz | 29 Sep, 2017

Desi food is popular around the world already. Even when goras want some spice in their life, they go for desi food from curry to biryani and whatnot. But these Americans were found trying our snacks which we adored growing up, *in fact, still do* like Chilli Milli, Zeera Biscuit, etc.


An American food and drinks company had a bunch of folks try out Pakistani snacks

Universal Yums is a food and drinks delivery company that offers you the chance to try snacks from around the world and recently they tried out Pakistani snacks.

Source: Universal Yums / Facebook


The box included our favorite mithai Pateesa and they found it quite unusual

Also called Soan Papri, this snack was a “unique texture” that these people hadn’t tried before.

Source: Universal Yums / Facebook


Next, they tried Zeera biscuits

It left them surprised as well.

Source: Universal Yums / Facebook


We wish they had dipped those in chai for the best experience.

Source: Universal Yums / Facebook


All-time favorite Chilli Milli was in the mix too and that burned their gora tongues off

Source: Universal Yums / Facebook


Chakho zara, pata lagay kya cheez hai ye..

Via: Tumblr


Pakistan has a wide range of chips so the box included Ketchup flavored Kurleez

Which reminded them of their childhood because obviously, who didn’t love ketchup in their childhood?

Source: Universal Yums / Facebook


Universally Yum also sends out their boxes to those who subscribe to it and it seems like that our regular snacks are a fav among amreekans

Source: Universal Yums / Facebook


For some customers, Pakistani snacks are their favorite from around the world

Aur kyun na ho bhae.

Source: Universal Yums / Facebook


The box also included our very own Rite biscuits which we all know is a copy of Oreos but just a little bit more desi.

Source: Universal Yums / Facebook


And they think that Pateesa is cotton candy

Waisay it does look the same… kinda.

Source: Universal Yums / Facebook


Here’s the full video of them trying out our snacks and loving them

What are your favorite childhood snacks? Tell us in the comments.


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Cover image via: Universal Yums / Facebook

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