13 Weird Things You Believed In Your Childhood That Are Totally NOT TRUE

By Hurmat Riaz | 5 Jun, 2017

Childhood is that golden period of one’s life which is filled with innocence and freedom of thought. You’re curios about everything and you let your imagination go wild finding joy in ordinary things.

But there were some things that you used to believe in that if you think of them now, it’ll make you laugh musing what were you on the whole time:


1. If you swallow a seed, it will grow a tree inside you

Like spinach or dhaniya. If you eat it raw, it’ll grow inside your stomach and you’ll turn into a tree.

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2. If you try to eat dirt you will grow spiders and worms inside you

Source: deenga.com


3. When lightning flashes in the sky, God is taking pictures of you

So you start posing just so that God would get good pictures of you.

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4. Teachers are robots. They don’t eat, sleep or poop.

I was convinced that teachers aren’t human beings. And when for the first time I saw my teacher going to the washroom, my whole life came crashing down and I was petrified for a while.

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5. Babies are brought down by angels wrapped in gift baskets

Oh we were so naive.

Source: deenga.com


6. If you swallow a bubble gum, it’ll stick inside your stomach and you’ll die.

The best trick a mother could pull to stop her kids from having gum.

Source: deenga.com


7. When you turn 21 you will be able to fly like Superman

Everyone has believed in it at one point in their life. And broken a bone or two while trying to fly.

Source: deenga.com


8. If you stepped on a crack on the road, it’ll hurt your mother’s back

You used to walk carefully just to avoid cracks on the footpath.

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9. Your shadow is a ghost that follows you all the time

You can still scare the shit out of kids by making them believe that something is following them. I know it’s evil but it is fun.

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10. People you see in the TV live inside it

They are also robots. Also, they can see you as well.

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11. It rains because angels left the water running upstairs

Motor band ker dou ooper ki!

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12. A monster sleeps under your bed or behind the curtain and it will eat you if you’re too noisy in the night

And you can only save yourself by tucking yourself carefully in your blanket. One foot out and he’ll be able to see you and attack you.

Source: United Plankton Pictures / Nickelodeon Animation Studios


13. If you cry, a jinn baba will come and kidnap you

Your mom used this one on you so many times.

Source: Dharma Productions


Did you used to believe in myths other than these? Tell us in the comments and laugh your childhood out.


Cover image via: Hum Network Limited

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