People Are Scandalized Beyond Repair Because They Saw Sadaf Kanwal's Bra In This Photo

By Sajeer Shaikh | 22 Nov, 2017

Ah, yes. Our very own desi ghairat brigade. It’s an entity on its own, always looking for a new target. Though Sadaf Kanwal is its latest target, she’s definitely not the first.


We’ve got people shaming others left, right and center. Remember when it happened to Mahira?

How can anyone forget that? That basically set social media and the ever erect moral compasses of these keyboard warriors on fire. However, she was quick to shut shit down.

Posted by Samaa TV on Dienstag, 17. Oktober 2017


Or how about Amna Ilyas and Hasnain Lehri’s recent photoshoot that set tongues wagging?

Source: Hasnain Lehri/Instagram


Sab choro – recently, Neelum Muneer was shamed, yet again, simply for her attire in her upcoming movie. 



Sadaf Kanwal herself isn’t new to this. However, this time around, the outrage is over this rather old photo shoot that has been termed “bold.”

Sadaf shared a picture from the photo shoot earlier in October. Her fans on Instagram were far more accepting.

Source: Rizwan-ul-Haq


The pictures from the photo shoot conducted by Rizwan-ul-Haq are stunning…

Source: Rizwan-ul-Haq


…and Sadaf looks drop-dead gorgeous.

Source: Rizwan-ul-Haq


Did that stop social media from letting her have her moment? Nah. They went all in, like this guy trying to be funny. 

Via Facebook

Unfortunately, people agreed with this train of thought…

Via Facebook

…commenting on how “besharam” Sadaf seemed to look like in the pictures.

Via Facebook

Some kept it short and simple.

Via Instagram

Others were…uh… disturbingly smitten, for the lack of a better word?

Via Instagram

However, most of the people considered the photo shoot unethical…

Via Facebook

…writing off any justifications that could be offered before they were uttered. 

Via Facebook

It’s unfortunate, of course, to see all these flagbearers of morality pop up on our timelines time and again. They remain surprisingly silent in actual times of moral dilemma when condemnation is of the utmost importance. As for all the women in our industry, and otherwise, who are still shamed for their choices – hang in there. We’re far from “live and let live,” but let’s hope we get there one day.

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Cover image: Rizwan-ul-Haq


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