This Pakistani Fashion Brand Tried To Make A Political Statement But Unka Bo Kata Ho Gaya

By Iman Zia | 17 Apr, 2017

PSFW has started with a bang and Pakistan’s creme de la creme were all witness to a unique fresh basket of trends for the summer. While we had designer giants like HSY and Misha Lakhani all present, it was, in fact, underdog Generation that STOLE. THE. FREAKING. SHOW.


We often see many international designers projecting social messages on the runway, like Christian Dior at Paris Fashion Week 2016…

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Or Givenchy with their questionable take on the Islamic veil at Paris Fashion Week 2009.

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And now Generation is following in quick pursuit!

With the hashtag ‘bring back basant,’ they’ve entwined a much more profound meaning with their summer collection. And it’s BADASS AS HELL.

#Generation #BringBackBasant at #PSFW2017 Day 1 #SliceOfFashion #PSFW17 @generation_pk

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The Pakistani Brand showcased its collection that featured around the infamous Lahori festival that has been banned for almost a decade now.

Va Something Haute

The controversy lies with the fact that basant resulted in hundreds of deaths.

The kite wires would either be coated in thin glass or metal, and reports of deaths from these very wires were unsurmountable.

Kites as accessories with gowns seen at #Generation at #PSFW17! ??❤ #BringBackBasant #SliceOfFashion @generation_pk

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And while it is a very deeply rooted part of Punjabi culture, basant has led to a lot of reckless behavior from ordinary people

It has remained centered around controversy, with many pining for the return of this beloved festival, and others more wary.


Either way, Generation did push boundaries and stepped out of their comfort zone with their unveiling of the ‘bring back basant‘ collection.


What do you think about Generation advocating the return of Basant through fashion?

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