Here's How To Give Your Bae Some Time Alone For A Long-lasting Relationship

By Iman Zia | 17 Apr, 2017

Maybe the timing isn’t right. Or maybe you both rushed into things. The relationship could be interfering with work. Maybe everything feels right for one but not for the other. Either way, time apart and a break to reevaluate and reflect feels necessary to survive in the long run.

It isn’t the end though. Time apart during this break will only make the relationship stronger and here’s how to survive this period of uncertainty.


1. Set boundaries so you know how much communication you need to cut off.

Don’t worry just know the basis of time apart is not communicating for a while. A relationship hiatus is ambiguous in most cases, but not actually engaging in any communication is vital.

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2. You may feel lost. You’ll feel like you can’t breathe and that’s okay. This break is necessary.

It’s only natural to want to break all forms of ‘time apart’ and flock back to the one you love. It will be tempting but you have to resist. You have to not see each other for a while and give them space, otherwise, you will lose them forever. A few weeks apart will get you that chance back.

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3. Try and keep yourself busy during this break so you don’t spend too much time obsessing about what bae would be doing right now.

Do not dwell on what must have gone wrong that led to a break. What’s done is done and all you need is hope and faith that they will come back. Because if it’s real, then they will. Watch your favorite TV shows, read new books, and hope for the best.

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4. Spend time with people you feel at home with.

This is the time for you to build upon already existing relationships with close friends and build possible new ones. You might have spent your past neglecting those around you, so this is the perfect time to fix that.

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5. Don’t sit at home in solitude.

You’ll then start overthinking and the absence of your S.O. will become all the more apparent. Try not to worry, and I know it’s easier said than done, but strength emanates from the darkest of times.

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6. Escape. Explore. Repeat.

While you’re away from your S.O. spend time introspecting once you’ve become more accustomed to not having them around. What do you miss about them? Spend this time to explore your inner self.

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7. If you feel like you want to talk to bae, write your feelings down, instead.

Write down everything you feel for them. Write about why you love them, why they form a part of your bones and why losing them would leave you drowning. Even write down all their imperfections that make them all the more perfect for you. You can give it to them when the time’s right.

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8. Try to keep a distance from social media so you’re not obsessing over them.

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat being the few. Don’t venture into their accounts because it will scare you. Keep away from them.

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9. Make sure the break has an end date. If it wasn’t discussed, then one of you will have to eventually reach out when you feel ready.

Remember to give each other space and time. If one does reach out, then it’s for a reason. Don’t shut them out.

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10. Sit down and talk things out after the break.

Talk about all that went wrong, and more importantly, discuss all the things that could go so wonderfully right. If you want change, then dictate that clearly.

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11. Once you reunite, try to be stronger than ever before.

You both will realise each other’s importance and value than before. This break will bring you both much closer.

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12. Don’t give up.

It’s rare to find someone you connect with so gloriously. Be it your taste in food, film, music or feeling like your souls just fit, to find someone you feel at home with is like unearthing gold. Don’t let that go. Even if it might not feel right at sometimes, it isn’t a reason to give up.

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13. Remember that this temporary break will help you both realize how much you need each other.

Absence can never be felt if there is always presence. Take time away from each other to really understand someone else’s worth.

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Happy relationship, guys.

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