13 Totally Legit Reasons Why You Should Have A Gemini As Your Best Friend

By Maha Butt | 21 May, 2018

A BFF should be one you can call anytime – be it just to laugh, complain, share sorrows with or merely narrate the silly stories of your everyday life. We need best friends to give us their advice and laugh at every stupid thing we do. They’ll be there for you despite being thousands of miles apart. And if there’s any zodiac sign that you should have as your BFF, it’s Gemini. They can be the smartest, most passionate, quick-witted and dynamic people in your friend circle.

If you’re looking for a true best friend, here’s why you should look towards your Gemini friends:


1. They have a sarcastic sense of humor.

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Geminis can be witty. At the same time, they can entertain you with that sarcastic punch. For the sake of fun, they wouldn’t¬†mind laughing at themselves or being the butt of a good joke. Think of a friend that constantly makes you laugh with that clever humor – he or she sure must be a Gemini.

2. They are the genuinely loyal friends.

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Keep one thing in mind. Geminis shall always have your back. They will support you in your dream projects or be it any goal. Their spirit and positivity along enthusiasm will always give a friend the boost. When you’re feeling low, a Gemini will bring you back up. One may perceive them as optimistic helpers.

3. They may act weird at times, and that’s actually pretty great.

Source: Deenga

Never expect the ordinary with a Gemini. They’ll the weirdest things that you probably wouldn’t have ever imagined. A Gemini BFF will brighten all the dull moments. They are the life of the party and surely the most entertaining peeps!

4. Geminis are straightforward to the core.

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These are people with strong opinions. No matter if you dislike the idea, you cannot stop them from sharing their point of view. Geminis will speak about everything which is on their mind. Mind you, it may not necessarily be sweet.

5. Geminis are smart and observant. Plus, they’re creative multitaskers.

Source: Oriental Films

They can be the smartest people in the room. They’re usually prepared with their research on topics that are of interest to them. Jack-of-all-trades type scene.

6. They are optimistic and compassionate.

Source: Taher Shah

These people will go out of their way to help others. Their helpful advice is 100% legit. Always listen to your Gemini BFF!

7. They’re actually pretty¬†challaak.

VSource: ARY Digital/Pakistan television Corporation

Eloquence and persuasion are the qualities they definitely possess. Always beneficial to be around such people, ya know?

8. Geminis have an adventurous soul.

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They’re always up for anything crazy! This can include careers, hobbies or goals – anything which gives them thrill or excitement.

9. A Gemini is a social butterfly.

Source: Masala Awards

Geminis have a big social circle. Meeting new people energizes them. So your Gemini BFF will sure as hell host parties and get-togethers. Don’t feel insecure that you’re not their only friend. In fact, their presence can actually help you open up and branch out. Win-win.

10. They’ll love and hate you simultaneously.

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They can be downright moody. Geminis will stand for certain principles. One may face the consequences of their intense emotions. But in the case of close friends, they may probably pretend over the course of dinner that nothing major happened. Mood pe depend karta hai. 

11. Geminis are restless souls possessing a mind racing with all the craziest ideas.

Source: Vijayalakshmi Art Pictures

Gemini’s are curious about everything. They can’t stick to one particular thing which creates monotony. Their thirst for constant movement within their lives makes them crave new experiences. This can help them drive you to be more outgoing and crazy as well.

12. They are flirtatious souls.

Source: Abrar-Ul-Haq

They’ll probably get into situations that are a major source of entertainment (for you.) Second-hand drama and all. For them – not so much.

13. They forgive, but they don’t forget.¬†

Source: Deenga

They can be forgiving but it is difficult to regain their trust once someone has wronged them. One should never mess with a Gemini. Remember that the next time someone screws you over and you forgive and forget. Your Gemini bestie, however, will hold a grudge on your behalf.

Are you convinced that you need a Gemini bestie in your life? Do you already have one? Let us know in the comments.


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