This Guy Had Dinner At A Fine Dining Restaurant In Lahore And Became A Chef Himself The Next Morning

By Momina Mindeel | 27 Apr, 2017

First of all, as the food capital of Pakistan, one must be very aware of the fact that EVERYTHING is fine dining in Lahore.

Also, this is our face when we see food:

Source: REDRUM Films / ARY Films

Aakhir khatay peetay shehr se hain hum.


So this dude went to a fining dining restaurant in Lahore, SCAFA (the School of Culinary and Finishing Arts), and shared about his experience in some food groups on Facebook. Everyone loved his story because it was HILARIOUS AF.

Here’s what the guy Snapped about after visiting the fine dining restaurant

“After visiting SCAFA for a seven course meal yesterday, this is how I see food now.”

Source: Hammad Naveed


While talking to Mangobaaz, Hammad shared that he’s a foodie and loved his experience at SCAFA

He said, “I got done with my masters in supply chain and logistics management(not as complicated as it sounds) from England and I’m currently working on setting up a cooking/culinary school by the name of ‘The Kitchen’. I’m famously known among friends and family for my love for biryani and rice in general, hence, called out by names such as ‘Mr. Rice’.”

Source: Hammad Naveed

“People tell me ‘agar maine shaadiyon pay biryani say zada logon pay focus kiya hota tou aaj single na hota.‘ I not only love to eat but can also cook different variety of Pakistani and Chinese food,” shared Hammad.

“I basically went to SCAFA because I had heard a lot about its fine dine hence had to experience it.

Source: Hammad Naveed

It was a seven course dinner which was very well presented in small portions which is how fine dine is supposed to work. The very next day I was sitting for my breakfast, eating naan channay, when I thought of assembling it in a fine day way, so this is how I came up with the post and uploaded it right away. Generating an unexpected response on the group.”


With such insight into, and love for food, we eagerly await to see what this self-proclaimed “Mr. Rice” will bring to our dinner table

Source: Hammad Naveed


Thanks for the laughs, tho.


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