FIA Just Declared That Ukhano Was “Falsely Blamed” On Social Media

By Aam Nawab | 11 Mar, 2020

FIA report says that Ukhano was “falsely blamed”

YouTuber Umar Khan, commonly known as Ukhano, was accused last year of sexual harassment. In response he had registered an FIR against one of the allegations. It has now come to light that Federal Investigation Agency Cyber Crime Wing has concluded its investigation on the matter and issued a report.


In a report from FIA that Ukhano has shared with MangoBaaz, the FIA has declared that Ukhano was “falsely blamed” on social media

According to the report, the case was registered in November against the accuser and an investigation was launched. Soon after the investigation started, the accuser – after a pre-arrest bail – had stated to the investigation authorities that her Facebook account was misused by some unknown person and that she was not the one who uploaded the allegations of sexual harassment against Ukhano.

Source: Umar Khan

Therefore, as per the FIA report, the case has been closed due to the fact that Ukhano did not want to proceed with the FIR against the accuser.

Ukhano further stated that additional evidence has been provided to the competent authorities. Regarding other screenshots circulating on social media at that time, he claims that he has submitted original conversations to the authorities that allegedly verify that the screen shots were fabricated.


With regards to making the evidence that he has provided FIA open to public, Ukhano commented:

“Making evidence public in sensitive issues like these exposes one to public bullying and degradation. Ive[sic] been a target of such bullying for the past 8 months and I would never wish the same for anyone else. We should always pursue legal forms for such cases. It might take time but it’s the right way. [U]sing social media as court rooms to pass swift verdicts or cancel someone can ruin lives”.


On November 19, 2019, the accuser had also made a Facebook post that went viral where she had stated that her account was hacked and she had no knowledge of any allegations against Ukhano made in her name

She wrote, “I have no knowledge of the comment made under my name against Ukhano because my account was hacked therefore, through mutual agreement, we have decided not to comment on the matter any further publicly or privately on any forum after this.”

Before this, on July 9, 2019 a post on Facebook accused Umar of non-consensual interaction with women. After the first post, there was lots of debate regarding the stories and posts being shared. The original post and many others that followed have now been deleted. When the alleged accuser originally made the allegations, she spoke with MangoBaaz through the Facebook account which has now come to light as having been hacked back then, according to her statement. The same hacked account then later asked to retract the statement making the accusation.

After the allegations came to light and Ukhano sought the authorities help, in March 2020, the FIA provided its report upon concluding its investigation into the allegations and stated that Ukhano was “falsely blamed”.


After the FIA report that stated that Ukhano was “falsely blamed” by the accuser, the YouTuber has further stated:

“I stand against harassment and I strongly condemn it but when someone is falsely accused on social media it makes them a target of online bullying and harassment. We should always wait for the verdict of the official authorities “innocent until proven guilty” rather than forming an opinion on the basis of what you see on the internet.

I have made a vlog on how one should deal with cyber bullying and I am still working on awareness campaigns regarding the safety of digital space.

Even though people have moved on since the controversy and my projects have been shared by the PM IMRAN KHAN himself but for me it was important that the official authorities and the competent court clears my name officially.

If anyone is facing cyber bullying, they can contact FIA cyber wing
helpline 9911″


Cover image via: @ukhano / Instagram

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