Here Are Some Of Your Favorite Celebrities That Showed Up At Aurat March 2020

By Sana Yasmeen | 10 Mar, 2020

These are the Pakistani celebrities at Aurat March 2020

The much-awaited Aurat March took place on Sunday in various cities of Pakistan. Amidst the crowd were spotted some of our favorite celebrities who marched for women rights and gender equality.

Here are some of the moments featuring Pakistani celebrities captured at Aurat March 2020:


Mahira Khan

After people were eager to catch a glimpse of her in years past, Mahira Khan showed up at the Aurat March 2020 with a placard demanding equality.

pakistani celebrities aurat march 2020 mahira khan
Source:@yaseenlakhanii / Instagram

She also posed with the women of Sindh Police and put the moment up as her Instagram story.


Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

Two-time Oscar winner was present at the Aurat March 2020 with a beautiful message written on her placard regarding the individuality of women. Ms. Chinoy has been a consistent presence at this event.


Mira Sethi


Mira Sethi marched at the Aurat March and also shared a heartfelt Instagram post about the reason why she chose to March.


Hajra Khan

As captured by fellow-marcher Mira Sethi, captain of the national women’s football team Hajra Khan was at the Aurat March, as well.


Adnan Malik

Adnan Malik was also found holding placards and showering his support for the slogan ‘Mera Jism Meri Marzi’



Saqib Malik

Adnan’s brother and director of iconic music videos and the recent Meera starrer Baaji was also present. Seen here with his brother Adnan and Mira Sethi.


Nadia Afgan

Actress Nadia Afgan, of Suno ChandaI fame, was also spotted marching for women rights on the Aurat March 2020. Nadia, in fact made waves with her statement that has gone viral since. More power to you, Nadia!

Source: galaxylollywood / Instagram


Mariyam Nafees

Actress Mariyam Nafees participated in the Aurat March 2020 by marching for the right to education for every female.


Osman Khalid Butt

Osman Khalid Butt- the ever vocal ally -has not only supported Aurat March earlier but also participated in it by marching for women rights. He also urged people to donate to respective foundations that empower women.

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This International Women’s Day, and the day of the nationwide Aurat March, I have contributed to support the education of ten underprivileged girls for a year. My donation has been to TCF’s ‘Let’s Empower a Girl’s Dream’ campaign – – and that is just one of several non profit organizations you can donate to (remember, no amount is too small!) Nadia Jamil shared a list with me of some amazing organizations you can contribute to: SOS Village – Bali Memorial Trust – SanjanNagar Schools – The Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa Home Idara Taleem o Agahi – The PSRD School, Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled – These organizations are all vouched for. Please donate for a better future for our children, and our girls! And if you know of or are a part of any other organization furthering the cause of girls' education, please share the links. As a parting note, I remain in awe of the strength, resilience & passion of our women. Your voices will be heard. Long live the movement. #AuratMarch2020 #Karachi #SheWillRise

A post shared by Osman Khalid Butt (@aclockworkobi) on


Zara Peerzada

Source: @sabaqamarfb / Instagram


Eman Suleman

Model and social media activist Eman Suleman was at the Aurat March in Lahore, seen her with fellow model and marcher, Zara Peerzada.

Pakistani celebrities aurat march 2020 eman suleman
Source: @dawn_images / Instagram


Ali Tareen Khan

Politician Ali Tareen Khan ditched going to the stadium for the support of his team, Multan Sultans, who were playing a match at the same time, so he could march for the safety of women and gender equality.


Hajra Yamin

Actress Hajra Yamin also made her presence felt at this year’s Aurat March

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ہم گنہگار عورتیں ۔ کشور ناہید یہ ہم گنہگار عورتیں ہیں جو اہلِ جبہّ کی تمکنت سے نہ رعب کھائیں نہ جان بیچیں نہ سر جھکائیں نہ ہاتھ جوڑیں یہ ہم گنہگار عورتیں ہیں کہ جن کے جسموں کی فصل بیچیں جو لوگ وہ سرفراز ٹھہریں نیابتِ اِمتیاز ٹھہریں وہ داورِ اہلِ ساز ٹھہریں یہ ہم گنہگار عورتیں ہیں کہ سچ کا پرچم اُٹھا کے نکلیں تو جھوٹ سے شاہراہیں اٹی ملے ہیں ہر ایک دہلیز پہ سزاوٰں کی داستانیں رکھی ملے ہیں جو بول سکتی تھیں وہ زبانیں کٹی ملے ہیں یہ ہم گنہگار عورتیں ہیں کہ اب تعقب میں رات بھی آئے تو یہ آنکھیں نہیں بجھیں گی کہ اب جو دیوار گر چکی ہے اُسے اُٹھانے کی ضِد نہ کرنا یہ ہم گنہگار عورتیں ہیں جو اہلِ جبہّ کی تمکنت سے نہ رعب کھائیں نہ جان بیچیں نہ سر جھکائیں نہ ہاتھ جوڑیں

A post shared by Hajra Yamin (@hajra_yamin) on



Iffat Omar

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Girl power💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

A post shared by Iffat Omar (@iffatomarofficial) on



Saba Hamid

Pakistani television actress and mother to Meesha Shafi, Saba Hamid, also participated in the Aurat March 2020.


Samina Ahmed

Fellow iconic TV actress and director Samina Ahmed was also at the March.

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Aurat March today. Karachi.

A post shared by Samina Ahmed (@samina_tv) on



Arjumand Rahim, Amena Khan and Angeline Malik 

Seen here with fellow marches including Samina Ahmed, Iffat Omar and Hajra Yamin.

Pakistani Celebrities Aurat March 2020 actresses
Source: @hajra_yamin / Instagram


Rehmat Ajmal

Model and Mere Paas Tum Ho actress Rehmat Ajmal was also seen holding a placard with an ‘Equality’ sign.

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#AuratMarch2020 @auratmarchlahore

A post shared by Rehmat Ajmal (@rehmatajmal) on


Komal Aziz Khan


Ayesha Toor

Seeing Pakistani celebrities present at the Aurat March 2020 and lending their support to such a worthy cause is very important. People with influence have the power to form narratives and them standing up for the right thing sure makes it easy to follow them.


After She Became National News, Dua Mangi Made A Powerful Statement At Aurat March With Her Friend


Cover image: @mira.sethi via Instagram / @galaxylollywood via Instagram

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