Feroze Khan Just Officially Confirmed Rumors About Quitting Acting

By Astarte | 6 Mar, 2020

Feroze Khan finally gave a statement about his acting career

Last month fans of Feroze Khan found themselves speculating regarding the fate of the actor’s intentions about his career. All of this happened when Feroze, without anything as a headsup or an announcement deactivated his Instagram. The actor did however keep his other social media active.


Now, Feroze Khan has finally spoken up about his acting career and rumors that he is quitting

For the first time since speculation was rife, Feroze Khan has confirmed that he is indeed quitting. He said, “I announce that I quit the showbiz industry and will only act and provide my services for the teaching of Islam through this platform if needed else anything but this InshAllah.”


Many fans are pleasantly surprised regarding the statement Feroze Khan has made about his acting career

People are sending their blessings for the new chapter that the actor is undertaking in his life.


Naturally, there are comparisons being made with Hamza Ali Abbasi who had also recently announced that he would be quitting his acting career for religious reasons

Although Hamzaย bhaiย has made a U-Turn on his statements and said he hasn’t exactly quit the industry but he is still dedicating his life to finding religious peace. Feroze Khan’s announcement is drawing comparisons to that of Hamza’s.


Fans had also been questioning Alizey, Feroze Khan’s wife about rumors on his quitting the entertainment industry

Whatever the future may hold for Feroze, here’s wishing him a very good luck in whatever new path he chooses for his life.


Cover image via: 7th Sky Entertainment

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