Fawad Chaudhry Just Started A Phadda With This Viral Kid About His Kashmir Opinion & Everyone Thinks That's Petty

By Rameeza Ahmad | 2 Sep, 2019

Fawad Chaudhry  is being petty AF with that kid

Political opinion-passing is a national time pass in Pakistan. Because politics affects our everyday lives so intensely, almost everyone fancies themselves a political pundit. However one kid has recently caught the nation’s attention after his political analysis stunned everyone.


This young boy has gone viral for speaking eloquently about the Kashmir issue and hitting the nail on the head

He captured the attention of many Pakistanis around the world who applauded the knowledge of the young boy. In the video, the boy points out why expecting the world to condemn or intervene on the Kashmir issue is redundant because of their dependence on India due to trade.


While people everywhere appreciated him, Fawad Chaudhry became petty after what seems to have been him feeling the burn from the child’s political opinion, for some reason

I guess te video rubbed Minister for Science and Technology Chaudhry Fawad Hussain the wrong way. He subtweeted the kid in the video with his personal take on the issue. He believed that the video was being promoted by certain sections of society to promote their own agenda.

Other than that, he believed that even if a country wasn’t economically at par with its enemy, it could still defeat it as history had shown us.

He went to say that war wasn’t something which one ever wanted but if it came to that, Pakistan would make India regret it badly.

I mean, heavy words coming from a Minister especially on the subject of war. But the fact that they were in retaliation to a video of a kid making some great points and in no way trying to discredit the government or undermine them is… a little petty.


And a lot people thought that Chaudhry sahab was unnecessarily being petty

Honestly, the kid was merely stating his opinion and a lot of people agreed with the sane voice he gave in the midst of all the uncertainty with the situation in Kashmir and Pakistan’s relationship with India. Not to mention that people were encouraged mostly by how well-informed the youth was which meant the country was hopefully heading in the right direction as far as future leaders might have been concerned.

Do you agree that Fawad Chaudhry was being petty or did you think he was right? Sound off in the comments below.Kid


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Cover Image Source: urdupoint.com/ Ali Aman Tarar via Facebook 

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