Fawad Chaudhry Allegedly Slapped Journalist Sami Ibrahim And People Are Furious

By Sannia Bilal | 15 Jun, 2019

Last night, Fawad Chaudhry, the Federal Minister for Science and Technology allegedly slapped, senior journalist and anchorperson Sami Ibrahim during a heated debate at a wedding. You heard that right, the Minister seems to be resentful towards the recent change in his post that he couldn’t handle his temper and SLAPPED the journalist right there!


What the Minister doesn’t seem to understand is that a verbal conflict is one thing but physical assault is a whole new level of crossing the line. 

Last time I checked, government officials were supposed to have enough tact to have a debate despite their differences. That’s the whole point of a debate, isn’t it? People are supposed to be entitled to their own opinions and even when someone attacks you verbally, it doesn’t give you the right to use your physical strength.

We might not agree with Sami Ibrahim on many levels but I don’t think this can ever be justified.

Khair, previously, the two have apparently been involved in a feud on social media where the Minister’s words were quite unsavory, to say the least.


So after the events that took place, Sami Ibrahim has filed an FIR against Fawad Chaudhry.


Also, the Journalist’s Union is asking for a befitting punishment for the Minister.



And, well …. Fawad Ch is trying to justify his actions.

He’s trying to play the ‘why-is-your-anger-only-for-rich-anchors’ card, but what we really need is an apology to fix things, not a start to a whole another debate. Anyway, in light of the given fiasco, the internet has been going crazy.


People are standing up for Sami Ibrahim – even PTI supporters.




Some even shared clips of PM Imran Khan as a reference.


It was also mentioned by some that while they don’t agree with Sami Ibrahim, they still condemn physical assault.



And well… since he’s the Minister for Science and Technology, sarcasm was used accordingly. 


Then it was suggested for the PM to save his 22 years of struggle from going down the drain.


Moreover, it was suggested that he needs to get a grip on his party.

PTI supporters also couldn’t defend this.


It was also highlighted that we cannot let such ridiculous behavior go unnoticed. 


And that the Minister will have to save his credibility now.


People wondered why the patience required for these posts was not being exercised.


Khair, whatever the outcome may be for the Minister of Science and Technology, this isn’t appropriate behavior, and that’s the bottom line. In a newer version of Pakistan, these petty, old ways cannot be allowed to continue.

What is your take on this? Let us know.



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